How to Write Marketing Case Studies That Convert

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In my last post, I discussed why your top funnel content shouldn’t be all about your brand. Today I’m making a 180-degree turn and covering the value of content at the opposite end of the spectrum: content that’s directly about your business and offers proof of your effectiveness.

Specifically, I’m talking about case studies.

I’m a big believer in investing in case studies because I’ve seen firsthand what happened once we started doing so at Fractl. Case studies were a huge game changer for our B2B marketing efforts. For one, our case studies portfolio page brings in a lot of traffic – it’s the second most-visited page on our site, aside from our home page. It also brings in a significant volume of organic traffic, being our fourth most-visited page from organic searches. Most importantly, our case studies are highly effective at converting visitors to leads – about half of our leads view at least one of our case studies before contacting us.

Assuming anyone who reads the Moz Blog is performing some type of marketing function, I’m zeroing in on how to write a compelling marketing case study that differentiates your service offering and … Read the rest

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How To Write A Scannable Blog Post That Will Keep Visitors On Your Page

How To Write A Scannable Blog Post That Will Keep Visitors On Your Page is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.

How To Write A Scannable Blog Post
You might think that the most important part of writing a good blog post is the writing (it is essential), but there are actually some hurdles that readers need to clear before they even read the first word. Blog structure is about keeping up appearances, both for individual posts and across your entire website, so that people don’t abandon your site when they see a poorly structured post. No matter how much blog promotion you’ve done, bad structure could ruin the user experience.

Readers usually want to scan things they read online; it’s just the reality of how people consume information. People do read badly structured writing, but usually only if they have to. And online, there are too many other choices available for you to neglect the structure of your own writing or guest writers’.

Hurdles Between Readers And Your Content:

Often, how you present your content is just as important as what the actual content is. When … Read the rest

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Headsmacking Tip #21: Write Better Headlines Than Anyone Else

Posted by randfish

This tactic is so simple and obvious, it's probably illegal somewhere.

Every day, the web produces millions of pieces of content. Several thousand are almost certainly of interest to folks in your niche – those who might be reading your blog or sharing the content you produce. Creating unique stories requires creativity, research and time that many in the field don't have. But… writing the best piece, or even just a decent piece of content about an interesting topic and giving it a fantastic headline? Well, let's just say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but this one costs just pennies.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Get Informed

  • Follow the right accounts of Twitter for your niche (those that share a lot of good stuff)
  • Set up some smart Google Alerts (particularly "news" and "blog" alerts)
  • Subsrcibe to Google News' subsections if there's an appropriate one
  • Use aggregation services like Reddit's subreddits, PopURLs, Topsy, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Metafilter, Alltop, etc.

E.g. The other day I found a research paper from Cambridge (via Reddit) on how negative thinking adversely impacts problem-solving ability.

Step 2: Choose the Best Pieces Read the rest

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How to Write Email to Get a Better Response Rate

Posted by moosahemani

A successful SEO campaign is the perfect combination of all strategies. Whether you're working with on-page optimization, content development, social media, or link building, all of these factors contain equal value. When it comes to picking the most difficult SEO strategy, I will always give my vote to link building as this part is one of the most difficult, boring ,and time consuming strategies you can implement.

A few days back, I shared a picture of the perfect bedroom for a link builder on Facebook:

Almost perfect, despite the coffee pot missing ;)

Yes, link building can be boring, tough, and time consuming. However, one person on the team can dive into link building and get their hands dirty to get the job done in order to produce effective and action-driven results for the business.

Many people use different tactics when it comes to link building. One of the famous and most effective techniques that … Read the rest

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