Tutorial: How to Get Google Webmaster Tools Data on Windows With Python

The Search Query report in Google Webmaster tools is more important than ever, with the ominous (not provided) mask hiding 25%-40% of referring keyword traffic in Google Analytics. Google recently made WMT data available through an open source Python Library, making it easy to transfer that data straight into Google Docs or to your desktop, but setup and configuration isn’t easy for most.

To make it a little easier to access that data, I’ll walk you through the beginners steps to get search queries from Google Webmaster Tools using the Google Data Python Library on Windows. Expect this to take at least 15 minutes.

1. Download and install Python

Python LogoFirst, download the Windows Installer from the Python.org official download page. At the time of writing, you’ll want the “Python 2.7.2 Windows Installer (Windows binary — does not include source).” If you have a 64-bit machine, make sure you select the “X86-64 Installer.” Once downloaded, open it up and follow the installation wizard. I recommend choosing default settings if you’re a beginner but feel free to customize if you know what you’re doing.

Installing with default settings will install Python in the C:\Python27 directory. You … Read the rest

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Linux vs Windows for Web Hosting

linux_vs_windowsTypically when choosing a website hosting solution the first thing you should consider is the appropriate operating system for your system. The most common operating systems include Linux and Microsoft Windows. There are also unpopular solutions possible through Unix and Macintosh but you will often find less support for these platforms.

This article will focus on the popular solutions of Windows and Linux. Based on a given requirement each operating system serves their unique purpose. Comparisons below are made about important aspects of each operating system.


Security is one of the most important areas within the industry. It is a common misunderstanding that windows servers contain more vulnerabilities than Linux servers. Security risks are often the fault of the administration rather than the operating system. Ensuring that your software updates and security patches as well as other tasks are always up to date is just part of a good security administrator’s job. As software evolves there will always be new security risks and this will not change. For security, look at your server management team rather than the operating system.


The most common type of server access is FTP and both platforms allow this type of access. Both … Read the rest

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