Google’s Updated Menu Bar

You may be just getting used to the new black menu bar that Google launched in June, but don’t get attached. According to Google, the menu bar is going through another redesign and the black bar you have been seeing for the past few months is about to disappear, and it could happen at any time.

I’m not seeing it yet, but Google was nice enough to include a picture of what the new bar will look like in their blog post.

The new Google bar will sit in the same place as the black bar did but links to various services will appear in a new drop-down menu. If the service you need does not appear in the menu, simply hover over the “More” link at the bottom of the list.

What do you think about Google's latest rounds of design changes? Are they an improvement over the way Google products used to look?

To learn more about the new menu, Google has released the following video or visit their Help Center.

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Introducing SEOmoz’s Updated Page Authority and Domain Authority

Posted by Matt Peters

Here at Moz, we take metrics and analytics seriously and work hard to ensure that our metrics are first rate. Among our most important link metrics are Page Authority and Domain Authority. Accordingly, we have been working to improve these so that they more accurately reflect a given page or domain's ability to rank in search results. This blog entry provides an overview of these metrics and introduces our new Authority models with a deep technical dive.

What are Page and Domain Authority?

Page and Domain Authority are machine learning ranking models that predict the likelihood of a single page or domain to rank in search results, regardless of page content. Their input is the 41 link metrics available in our Linkscape URL Metrics API call and their output is a score on a scale from 1 to 100. They are keyword agnostic because they do not use any information about the page content.

Why are Page and Domain Authority being updated?

Since these models predict search engine position, it is important to update them periodically to capture changes in the search engines' ranking algorithms. In addition, this update includes some changes to the … Read the rest

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Brand New Open Site Explorer is Here (and Linkscape’s Updated, too)

Posted by randfish

This morning at Mozcon, I announced the launch of Open Site Explorer v3, a long-awaited upgrade to one of the most popular marketing tools on the web. I’m more than a little excited about all the progress, hard work and remarkable features that are included in this upgrade, so let’s get right to them.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new design (of which I’m a huge fan):

Open Site Explorer Homepage

This continues into the top view of link data and now, social metrics. I’ve always wanted these to be side-by-side, and it’s great to finally be able to see both at the same time.

Open Site Explorer Social + Link Metrics

The menus of filters have improved, and there’s now a new visualization to show links as groups in domains or as separate links (like the classic Yahoo! Site Explorer view).

Open Site Explorer Filters

Social metrics are also included in the Top Pages reports, so you can see how the most-linked-to content has performed on the social web. This is particularly cool for popular blogs.

Open Site Explorer Top Pages

The anchor text and linking domains tabs have a new feature that lets you see a sample of the links that come from that domain (or with that anchor text). Beware … Read the rest

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