Troubleshooting Local Ranking Failures: A Beginner’s Guide

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The fallout from lost Google local rankings can be drastic, from silent phones in the office to a loss of pride in a company’s standing in the community. Don’t panic: Be proactive and take the steps outlined in this guide to begin troubleshooting the cause of your ranking failure. This article is intended for both local business owners and new Local SEOs who will benefit from having a set of procedures to follow should local rankings go south. While I can’t cover every possible cause of local ranking issues, the steps outlined below will help you surface major, common problems and take steps to correct them. This graphic provides an overview, and the details of each step follow.

Check for mass issues

The first thing to discover is whether the issue being experienced is part of a major change or bug in Google’s system. It’s extremely common for a single issue to affect enormous numbers of businesses when something goes wrong with Google’s local product or when they change a guideline, turn a filter on or off, or alter their algorithm.

Start by going to the Google and Your Business Forum. Search for the … Read the rest

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Google Authorship Troubleshooting: Article Attributed to Wrong Author

Posted by MarkTraphagen

One of the toughest Google Authorship troubleshooting requests we get at the Google Authorship and Author Rank community on Google+ concerns misattribution of Authorship in Google search results.

Misattribution (Google Search showing an author photo of someone other than the actual author of a content piece) occurs because over the past year-and-a-half or so Google has become more aggressive in trying to attribute Authorship. In many cases, Google will take what appears to be an “educated guess” at the author of a piece.

But sometimes, the fault of misattribution is more the site’s responsibility, and that’s when some careful troubleshooting (ok, outright sleuthing!) can often uncover the problem.

Here’s an example mystery attribution that we were able to track down and solve:

Community moderator Ann Smarty asked us to look at this result for a search for “Time-Saving Apps for Social Media Promotion”:

Misattribution in Google Authorship results in Search

A very nice Google Authorship rich snippet search result, right? Only … Read the rest

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