Diagramming the Story of a 1-Star Review

Posted by MiriamEllis

Researchers estimate that it’s up to 25 times more expensive for a company to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, making ongoing investments in consumer satisfaction a priority. There’s nothing more disheartening to a local business owner than receiving a very negative review — and given that as little as 13% of consumers will patronize a business with a 1- or 2-star rating, there may be nothing more important than the owner taking every possible step to resolve negative reviews with speed and skill.

Negative reviews don’t write themselves. While looking at restaurant reviews recently, I came across an owner-consumer interaction that perfectly encapsulates the typical steps that take a transaction from bad to worse. It serves as a diagram of how these costly scenarios begin, proceed, and escalate, ultimately resulting in permanent damage to the company’s reputation.

The blame isn’t one-sided, and my goal here isn’t to make the customer or the owner out to be “the villain.” Rather, I’d like to point out key elements that actually worsen the situation, rather than improving it. Both owners and consumers sincerely want to feel satisfied, and the good news is that, … Read the rest

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Storytelling 301: Site Content as Story

Posted by Isla_McKetta

Feel like you’re already over the term “storytelling” without ever really having understood how you can successfully apply it to your writing? You aren’t alone. Like so much jargon, this amazingly powerful and useful word is in serious danger of being consigned to LinkedIn profiles and marketing parody.

Even storytelling guru Annette Simmons is over the way we’re teaching storytelling as a content cure-all.

“We need to stop ‘telling stories’ that oxytocin or the magic of a ‘narrative arc’ explain storytelling. It’s much bigger than science can explain. Storytelling is an art – subjective, emotional, and as variable as humanity is diverse.” – Annette Simmons

We can do better. Instead of yet another “stories=good” post, today we’re going to apply the logic of storytelling to site content. After you’ve read the last word, you should have the tools you need to draw a concrete map of how to tell your brand “story” with site content.

Note: I’m not knocking storytelling here. I’m a novelist. That’s illegal. I am knocking throwing the latest buzzword at our marketing and pretending like using the word makes us better at our jobs.

Why storytelling

I promised not to flog … Read the rest

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Recovering from an Over Optimization Penalty – A True Story

Posted by NickEubanks

As almost anyone reading this post already knows, April 24, 2012 marked a big day in the search industry. Once the initial Penguin update was rolled out (please believe me this is only the beginning and there is much more to come) the SEO industry, as we know it exploded in a flurry of fear and satisfaction. 

For those of us that had sites get hit (I'll admit I had several sites dinged by this update) what started out as anger quickly turned to fear and curiosity. Many industry publications jumped the gun and, in my opinion, began publishing tips and processes on how to 'recover from Penguin,' when the truth is, as mentioned by Ian Howells in his recent SEO Podcast, it's really too soon to tell the full effects of these algorithm updates and anyone out there preaching is really just speculating. The best information I have seen … Read the rest

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A Small Success Story Inspired by SEOmoz and its Contributors

Posted by Aran Smithson

I’m the e-commerce manager for an online retailer specialising in Coat Hangers, yeah you heard right, coat hangers; and you thought your niche was tough?

We don’t have thousands of inbound links from a myriad of high PR sites, yet we are catching up to the big players in our niche. In December we were no where to be found on the majority of our search terms. Our traffic mainly came from brand searches, which we liked as we pride ourselves on our superb levels of customer service (honestly when I joined I was astonished we could turn a profit with the amount of customer service going on), thus we get a lot of returning customers.

Producing link worthy content for the site has been an uphill struggle, gaining ground in the social sphere is like chewing through leather and guest posting and the like are tough. No one is interested in Clothes … Read the rest

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The Story of SEOmoz

Posted by randfish

Several weeks back, I gave a very unique talk at LUISS University in Rome, Italy at the bequest of the US State Department and the Business Association Italy America (BAIA). The audience was small, but the energy was fantastic. Italy has traditionally been a challenging place to do a tech startup, but a consortium of folks are aiming to change that. My talk was an early part of that effort, and I’m really proud to be involved.

Luckily, the presentation can now reach a much wider group, thanks to the efforts of Robin Good, creator of Master New Media and one of Rome’s most well-known bloggers. Below, you’ll find all the sections of my talk, broken down by topic, in both video and text format. My deep thanks to Robin for this remarkable work transcribing, filming, editing and even researching all the links I mentioned. Enjoy!

This is the story of SEOmoz, as I have heard it by sitting in the first row of a small but very attentive audience at the LUISS University in Rome, Italy. The storyteller is Rand Fishkin himself, the father and founder of an SEO company which

Read the rest

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