Pros and Cons of HTTPS Services: Traditional vs Let’s Encrypt vs Cloudflare

Posted by jrridley

If you have a website property verified in Google Search Console, and the website is not HTTPS-secured, you’ve likely seen some form of the following message in your dashboard recently:

After months of talk and speculation, Google has finally started to move forward with its plan to secure the web by enforcing HTTPS. Although HTTPS had previously only been a concern for e-commerce sites or sites with login functionality, this latest update affects significantly more sites. The vast majority of websites have a contact page (or something similar) that contains a contact or subscription form. Those forms almost always contain text input fields like the ones Google warns about in the message above. The “NOT SECURE” warning has already been appearing on insecure sites that collect payment information or passwords. It looks like this in a user’s URL bar:

Now that this warning will be displaying for a much larger percentage of the web, webmasters can’t put off an HTTPS implementation any longer. Unfortunately, Google’s advice to webmasters for solving this problem is about as vague and unhelpful as you might imagine:

Thanks, Google.

Implementing HTTPS is not a simple process. The Washington Post published a … Read the rest

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SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, or SMM: Which Services Sell Best?

Posted by Alex-T

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Each search query in Google is a demand signal for us digital marketers. If you know exactly what users are looking for, you can easily spot what they’re likely to buy.

From a common sense point of view, it’s quite logical to say that if users search for something more, they are able (and likely) to buy more. As it turns out, this correlation doesn’t work within digital marketing niches. The commercial potential of a certain digital marketing service is not in direct proportion to the search volume it receives. In other words:

In the digital marketing industry, popularity doesn’t influence salability.

In the four digital marketing niches analyzed, I discovered:

  1. SEO is still the most desirable service and it has the highest chance of leading to conversion.
  2. Users want to know more about social media and content marketing, but they’re not ready to pay for it.
  3. Users who are searching for PPC are the most likely to be converted.

After digging further into this article, you’ll discover which digital marketing services are the best to sell and why. Armed with this data, you’ll inform your strategy and have a leg … Read the rest

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Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too

Posted by ryanwashere

In my 28 years on this planet, I’ve come to accept two things as fact:

  1. The sun rises every morning.
  2. Marketers screw everything up.

Because of fact No. 2, I had to stop selling SEO.

Why? Here’s an interaction I used to have five times a day.

*Phone rings*

Me: “This is Ryan Stewart with WEBRIS. How can I help you?”

Caller: “I’m looking for SEO for []. I want to rank for [keyword terms x, y, and z]. Can you guys handle that?”


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.42.47 AM

I’m over it.

I’m tired of explaining to people SEO doesn’t work that way anymore. And I need the rest of you to get on board with me, because we’re driving ourselves out of business.

I mean, come on people. Look around. We need to stop trying to jam websites where they don’t belong. The SERPs have changed.

Google shows search results based on what’s best for the … Read the rest

October 7, 2015  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: SEO / Traffic / Marketing  No Comments Acquires to Offer Expanded Online Marketing Services Acquires to Offer Expanded Online Marketing Services is a post by SEO expert Andy Eliason. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.


The search engine optimization and pay-per-click companies combine their core services to offer a more complete internet marketing package

seo building (1)

Salt Lake City, UT (1/20/14) –, an online marketing firm based in Draper, Utah, has acquired pay-per-click advertising specialists, The company made this move to expand its services and develop a more extensive offering by including PPC management and consulting. will continue to provide its services to current and future clients as a wholly owned subsidiary of was founded in 2007 and has grown into an award-winning marketing firm working with clients around the globe. It has been recognized in nation-wide publications and was named to the Inc. 500, the Utah Business Fast 50 in both 2011 and 2012, and to Utah’s Top 25 Companies Under 5 Years Old in those same years.

“The online marketing world is constantly changing,” said Boyd Norwood, President of “In order to stay on top of the industry we also have to … Read the rest

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Benefits of SEO Services beyond Search Engine Rankings

Benefits of SEO Services beyond Search Engine Rankings is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.


If you go anywhere online today looking for information about internet marketing, chances are you will see this debate: “Is SEO dead?” On one side you have people saying that Google has gotten so strict that all SEO services are now a waste of time and money. On the other extreme you have people saying that all you need is more SEO to get the same results.

So is SEO dead? Well, that depends on how you define SEO.

If your idea of SEO is paying 0 for 1,000 PR2 and higher backlinks or having an article written for and blasting it out to 250 article directories then yes, SEO is dead. Particularly with the Penguin updates in April 2012 and May 2013, Google has gotten much stricter about which links they consider healthy and which links fall outside their Quality Guidelines.

Some of the things Google now penalizes were once staples of SEO work. Building links from directories and social bookmarking sites, posting … Read the rest

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