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The onset of fall sharpens the air. Kids laboriously lug stacks of books and binders to class. Teachers puzzle over their lesson plans for the year. Lockers that were once empty now overflow with paper, and quiet hallways fill with the chatter of eager minds. School is finally back in session. In the spirit of fall and the start of school, we think it’s a perfect time to open up Moz Academy to our community!

Moz Academy

If you’ve never heard of Moz Academy, let me give you an earful! At Moz, we really want people to be awesome marketers so they can use our products in fun ways and make the Internet way cooler, with less spam and garbage content. We’ve got a ton of terrific instructors at Moz, but Moz Academy has so much SEO knowledge that it’ll make teachers out of all of you!

Over the past year we’ve added more than 30 videos to Moz Academy.
One of my favorite lesson plans shows off how you can use Moz Pro to help with your day-to-day marketing. We’re also proud to offer a comprehensive
Local SEO section that we built with our good friends over at LocalU.… Read the rest

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