Quick Tips on Google Algorithm Impact Detection & Resolution

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Panda Google Algorithm Impact: How To Know If Your Website Was Affected

To identify if your site has been impacted by any of the Panda updates you will need two things:

First, you’ll need to know which date the specific Panda update in mind has occurred. You can get these dates from a number of different places. Go here for a list of the top resources.

And second, analytics (or webmaster tools) data for the website in question.

With a date in mind and analytics data on hand you’re ready to go. Using Google Analytics as our example you’ll want to first put in place a segment to show only the traffic acquired through Google organic searches.

Next you’ll want to make sure you are looking at a date range long enough to establish trends, but short enough to recognize any major drops that occur either on or right near the date of the update. Usually a 3-month range will do.

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Website DNS Utilities

When setting up your Website, it is helpful to have the ability to test your DNS to verify such things as the Name Servers, MX records and the like. For more on what exactly DNS is and how it works, please review DNS Explained for additional information. When switching hosting providers, Name Servers or other DNS records, it can take several hours in some cases for DNS resolution to occur. Depending on your physical website_tools1location these times can vary considerably. Fortunately there are many free online tools that can be used to check the status of how the propagation of DNS is going for your domain name.

Some of the tools that I actually use in my support role are outlined below. You will find that all of them are very effective in there own ways at identifying specifics about your domain name and website.

intodns_logo This site is run by developers that really understand the meaning of DNS and its many faces. I applaud these guys at intodns.com for taking the time to put such a valuable resource together for all to use.

Central OpsThis site provides a no nonsense approach to DNS information and the essentials needed to get a handle on … Read the rest

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