How Much Has Link Building Changed in Recent Years?

Posted by Paddy_Moogan

I get asked this question a lot. It’s mainly asked by people who are considering buying my link building book and want to know whether it’s still up to date. This is understandable given that the first edition was published in February 2013 and our industry has a deserved reputation for always changing.

I find myself giving the same answer, even though I’ve been asked it probably dozens of times in the last two years—”not that much”. I don’t think this is solely due to the book itself standing the test of time, although I’ll happily take a bit of credit for that :) I think it’s more a sign of our industry as a whole not changing as much as we’d like to think.

I started to question myself and if I was right and honestly, it’s one of the reasons it has taken me over two years to release the second edition of the book.

So I posed this question to a group of friends not so long ago, some via email and some via a Facebook group. I was expecting to be called out by many of them because my position was that in … Read the rest

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Mozscape Correlation Analysis of Recent Google Algorithm Changes

Posted by Matt Peters

At SEOmoz, we compute and track correlations against Google search results with each Mozscape index release. Recently, we've noticed some interesting changes in the page level vs domain level link correlations and decided to investigate. We uncovered some striking differences between the new 7-result SERPs and the standard 10-result SERPs.

Tracking Link Metric Correlations in Mozscape

Before I dive into the data, I want to provide some background information on our data set and methodology. We use correlations against Google search result pages (SERPs) to track algorithm changes and the quality of our Mozscape index. We have published the results of these many times in the past, including the Search Engine Ranking Factors post and in the blog post announcing each monthly index update (see the September update). To summarize the process, we first take a set of keywords and run them through Google to collect the top 10 or 50 results. We then pull the link metrics from Mozscape for each URL in the SERPs (Page Authority, number of linking domains to the domain, sub-domain mozTrust, etc). Then, we compute the Spearman correlation between search position and each metric for each keyword. Finally, … Read the rest

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