Optimizing Sites for Featured Snippets with Q&A Content [Case Study]

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Ranking near the top of the SERPs for short-tail keywords in competitive business verticals can be extremely difficult. Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, and similar sites have the market cornered on ranking at the top of search results. Even if you manage to rank in the first position, there are featured snippets, ads, map packs, and other SERP layouts that are dominating the space as well.

Because short-tail keywords have such broad search intents, it’s in the search engine’s best interest to try and answer questions directly in SERPs. That is the intent of featured snippets. If a search engine is able to answer a user’s query without them leaving the results page, they believe that delivers the best result. And the proliferation of featured snippets is only beginning. According to Search Engine Land, 19.45% of queries will display rich answers (a form of featured snippets) in Google.

A search for “what is orthodontics” in an incognito Google Chrome window displayed the following featured snippet:

orthodontics Google Search.png

This search result satisfies at least one large search intent: “What is orthodontics?” I use this as an example because my agency and I had been trying to get a client to rank … Read the rest

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Analyzing 11,555 Questions Asked by SEOs: The Moz Q&A Meta Study

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Fear and Loathing in Mozlandia

Sometimes we don’t need to travel to exotic linked data sources to discover treasure troves of precious information about our audience’s desires, aspirations, fears, and complaints.

Sometimes that treasure is just far as a phone call to the customer care department.
Sometimes it is just a click away in the Q&A and/or Forum section of our site.
And sometimes it’s just there, freely offered by our own competitors to everybody able to retrieve the correct information from them.

Understanding what our audience is really talking about, what the specific language is that they use, and what their topics and themes are can be easier than we may first think.

Be aware that I don’t mean that extracting useful information about our audience is easy – that would be trivializing the audience targeting work – but I mean that nowadays, thanks to the social nature of the web, it is much easier finding valuable sources from where retrieving information than just ten years ago.

For this reason, as I already said in 
my previous post, I asked the editorial team at Moz to let me analyze one year of Moz Q&As, with the purpose of identifying what the community was most frequently talking and asking about, and what

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Auditing the Moz Q&A: Optimization and Insights

Posted by gfiorelli1

One month ago I had a crazy idea: analyzing one year of Moz Q&As, and Trevor was even crazier accepting it.

My original idea was both to understand the most common issues the Moz Community discusses and asks for help with, and also to understand how the trends in our industry are reflected in Q&A.

After the first few days of digging into the data, though, I started seeing that there was a problem: a sub-optimal Q&A structure is preventing a truly accurate analysis of the same.

For this reason, this post has been conceived as a two part series:

  1. Auditing a Q&A site/section;
  2. What insights can the analysis of the Moz Q&A site/section offer?

This first part goes beyond the simple analysis of a community and, using the Moz Q&A section, takes into account and discusses issues that are common to all Q&A sites.

The second part will published within a few weeks (I’m still “digesting” data and discovering great insights).

Auditing a Q&A site/section 

Before people were sharing kittens and selfies on Facebook and Instagram, “social” was a synonym of “forums” in Internet-speak. 

In forums, people were (and still are) sharing knowledge, funny things, … Read the rest

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Using Google Analytics to Power an Effective Q&A Strategy

Posted by junseth

Alarm Grid's Executive Team - from L to R: Eric, Sterling, Joshua (me)When we started Alarm Grid we struggled with how we were going to stand out in a world of like a trillion other security companies. We were late to the game, no doubt, and in a world with as much competition as there is in an old industry like home security, it seems like there isn't much you could do to compete with the million minds that have come before you. Since then, we've done a lot of fun things that have helped us to gain traction, but my favorite strategy we've executed on thus far is our security FAQs strategy. We have built an amazingly large database of super relevant Questions and Answers, and our users love them. Before we begin, let me introduce you to our executive team: Eric is on the left, Sterling is in the middle and I'm the guy on the right.

Like anything done in marketing, there aren't … Read the rest

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So, You Want to Know About Foreign Language SEO? Mozinar Q&A

Posted by Zeph Snapp

I was grateful for the opportunity to do a Mozinar about foreign language SEO. There were a ton of questions from viewers, and while I was able to get to most of them, there were a few topics that I wasn’t able to cover in the detail they deserved.

There has been a lot of talk lately about what SEO is, and what it will become. One of the main things that SEOs have to think about every day is opportunity cost. We’ve also started looking at the world through a long-term lens rather than just short term wins (although quick wins are always great). Foreign language SEO plays on both sides of the field. You have to think long-term, but there are certainly opportunities for quick wins. Out of the top ten economies in the world today, only two of them are English-dominant. None of the primarily Spanish-speaking countries rank, but … Read the rest

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