Don’t Be Fooled by Data: 4 Data Analysis Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Posted by Tom.Capper

Digital marketing is a proudly data-driven field. Yet, as SEOs especially, we often have such incomplete or questionable data to work with, that we end up jumping to the wrong conclusions in our attempts to substantiate our arguments or quantify our issues and opportunities.

In this post, I’m going to outline 4 data analysis pitfalls that are endemic in our industry, and how to avoid them.

1. Jumping to conclusions

Earlier this year, I conducted a ranking factor study around brand awareness, and I posted this caveat:

“…the fact that Domain Authority (or branded search volume, or anything else) is positively correlated with rankings could indicate that any or all of the following is likely:

  • Links cause sites to rank well
  • Ranking well causes sites to get links
  • Some third factor (e.g. reputation or age of site) causes sites to get both links and rankings”
    ~ Me

However, I want to go into this in a bit more depth and give you a framework for analyzing these yourself, because it still comes up a lot. Take, for example, this recent study by Stone Temple, which you may have seen in the Moz Top 10 or … Read the rest

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45 Local SEO Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Posted by MiriamEllis


The classic 1982 Activision game, Pitfall!, was so challenging that most players believed you could only win by running out the 20-minute clock. The real point of this adventure, however, was to gather up all of the treasures before the clock ran out on you.

Isn’t that just like business?

You’ve opened the doors of your local enterprise in hopes of gathering up enough revenue before it’s time to retire, and you’re determined to make enough of a success to secure some dignity in your golden years.

I’m not a professional economist, but I’ve read their statistics on how half of US businesses don’t make it past their 5th year. I’m a local SEO, and what I’ve learned is that to be agile enough to beat the odds, local business owners have to swing over the obvious pitfalls that less savvy competitors are doomed to become mired in. A plumbing company fakes a string of locations by using their siblings’ houses to build citations, a dentist hires a notorious marketing agency to pay global workers for fictitious reviews, an auto dealership takes a quick link building shortcut and ends up with a long-term … Read the rest

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SEO Link Analysis Pitfalls – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Aaron Wheeler

 Over the past couple of weeks Rand has been discussing the metrics available for link research and how to use them appropriately for different research situations. While these metrics and strategies can certainly aid in link research, they’re not the only considerations. This week, Rand discusses some of the pitfalls that SEOs can fall into, and how to avoid these pitfalls by thinking editorially about the links you build. It helps to research the types of sites that rank well despite complete neglect of on-page optimization, and which sites actively participate in their relevant internet communites. Can you think of any pitfalls you’ve fallen into or now know to avoid? Share in the comments below!


Video Transcription

Howdy, SEOmoz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re talking about the pitfalls of doing SEO backlink analysis.

A lot of people in the SEO field have this idea that, hey, the first thing that I should do when I am trying to do some link building is see who is ranking in the top ten. I’ll do a search for

Read the rest

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7 Pitfalls that Will Devastate Your Website Conversion Rate

Is there any more common, sad experience than a business owner or marketing executive rolling out a new website with great expectations only to see its performance fall flat?

If you find yourself in this leaky boat, here are some possible reasons your website is missing the mark with your target audience:

1. Your Website is a “Me Monster”

This is perhaps the most common error, and it’s probably not your designer’s fault (unless you’re the designer). The big mistake that leads to this is assuming that your audience is just like you. It’s not.

Look at the copy on your site – does it make you sound like a “Me-monster”? Your copy should be speaking to your audience, addressing their needs, engaging them in an organized conversation. Narcissistic copy is death to conversion.

2. You Won’t Shut Up.

Your product is the greatest thing since Easy Cheese. You’ve articulated every single reason, often in true “Me-monster” fashion. The problem is, your visitors won’t read long, verbose paragraphs. It takes too much mental exertion.

Get to the point. You can provide more info further down the page for the detail-obsessive, but most visitors want to be able to scan … Read the rest

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