A Look Back at a Great 2017: 5 Major Moz Product Investments and a Sneak Peek Into 2018

Posted by adamf

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already past. We entered the year with big ambitions and we’ve made some great strides. As has become tradition, I’ve compiled a rundown of some of the most interesting updates that you may have seen (or missed) this past year. We’ve intentionally focused on significant product updates, but I’ve also shared a little about some newer programs that provide value for customers in different ways.

TL;DR, here are some of the larger and more interesting additions to Moz in 2017:

  1. Keywords by Site: Keyword Explorer adds site-based keyword research and competitive intelligence
  2. Site Crawl V2: Overhauled Site Crawl for better auditing and workflow
  3. Major investments in infrastructure: Better performance and resilience across the Moz toolset
  4. New instructor-led training programs: Targeted classes to level-up your SEO knowledge
  5. Customer Success: Custom walkthroughs to help you get the most out of Moz
  6. Bonus! MozPod: Moz’s new free podcast keeps you up to date on the latest industry topics and trends

Big updates

This year and last, we’ve been spending a disproportionate focus on releasing large infrastructural improvements, new datasets, and foundational product updates. We feel … Read the rest

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Scraping and Cleaning Your Data with Google Sheets: A Closer Look

Posted by Jeremy_Gottlieb

Have you ever wanted to automate pulling data from a web page—such as building a Twitter audience—and wanted a way to magically make all of the Twitter handles from the web page appear in your Google Sheet, but didn’t know how? If learning Python isn’t your cup of tea, using a few formulas in Google Sheets will allow you to easily and quickly scrape data from a URL that, were you to do so manually, could take hours.

For Windows users, Niels Bosma’s amazing SEO plug-in for Excel is an option that could also be used for this purpose, but if you analyze data on a Mac, this tutorial on formulas in Google Sheets will help make your life much easier, as the plug-in doesn’t work on Macs.

Within Google Sheets, there are 3 formulas that I like to use in order to save myself huge amounts of time and headspace. These are:

  2. QUERY

With just these 3 formulas, you should be able to scrape and clean the data you need for whatever purpose you may come across—whether that be curating Twitter audiences, analyzing links, or anything else that you can think of. The … Read the rest

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We (Mostly) Told You So: A Look Back at Our 2013 Predictions

We (Mostly) Told You So: A Look Back at Our 2013 Predictions is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the SEO.com blog.


At the beginning of the year, we took a look back at 2012 and made a few predictions about what the online marketing landscape would look like throughout 2013. Now, as the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back at those predictions and see what we got right, where we went wrong, and what we couldn’t have predicted with a crystal ball, quantum mathematics, and our own personal Nostradamus tied up in the server room.
Here’s Ash Buckles taking us through the list of predictions:

Now let’s examine them one at a time.

1.  Author Rank

Authorship proved to be extremely important for online marketers. By including authorship in your content marketing strategy, you could start making your content stand out from others, increase exposure, drive more clicks, and receive higher rankings. Google showed that they really want authors to claim their content, and they’re willing to reward you for doing so.

2.  Co-Occurrence

Google continues … Read the rest

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Want a Viral Hit? Here Is an Inside Look at Our Ideation Process

Posted by KelseyLibert

This post was co-authored by Kristin Tynski, VP Creative at Frac.tl and Kelsey Libert, Director of Promotions.

The importance of the idea

When it comes to creating viral content, if you don’t have an exceptional idea, you are dead in the water. Even if you’re able to execute production at a very high level and promote your content with the best of them, if the idea doesn’t check all the boxes of viral content, you’re toast. So, given you understand what a viral idea might look like, how do you bridge the gap between theory and actually coming up with one of these truly viral ideas? What follows is the process we use here at Fractl to come up with ideas that we feel confident will find viral success.

Defining parameters

We approach our ideation task as we would a riddle. Think of it this way: You are given a set of known … Read the rest

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Early Look at Google’s June 25 Algo Update

Posted by Dr-Pete

If you follow our MozCast Google “weather” tracker, you may have noticed something unusual this morning – a record algorithm flux temperature of 113.3°F (the previous high was 102.2°, set on December 13, 2012). While the weather has been a bit stormy off and on since Penguin 2.0 and the announcement of 10-day rolling Panda updates, this one was still off the charts:

MozCast Temperatures

I’m usually cautious about over-interpreting any single day’s data – measuring algorithm change is a very difficult and noisy task. Given the unprecedented scope, though, and reports coming in of major ranking shake-ups in some verticals, I’ve decided to post an early analysis. Please understand that the Google algorithm is incredibly dynamic, and we’ll know more over the next few days.

Temperatures by Category

Some industry verticals are naturally more volatile than others, but here’s a breakdown of the major categories we track in order by the largest percentage change over the 7-day average. The temperature for June 25th along with the 7-day average for each category is shown in parentheses:

  • 68.5% (125°/74°) – Home & Garden
  • 58.2% (119°/75°) – Computers & Consumer Electronics
  • 58.1% (114°/72°) – Occasions & Gifts
  • Read the rest

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