The Rules of Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard

Much of marketing, especially SEO, has shifted from a game with very few rules to a game that Google is fairly strictly refereeing. With their old tactics eliciting penalties, many marketers are simply throwing in the towel.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus Shepard calls a time-out and shows us the new strategy we need to come out on top.

For reference, here’s a still of this week’s whiteboard!

Video transcription

Howdy, Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. My name is Cyrus. Today we’re going to be talking about the rules of link building. Now this is really important because we see a lot of people out there in the marketing world getting scared of link building, past actions coming back to haunt them, people saying that link building is dead, links losing value in Google’s algorithm. Rand did
a great Whiteboard Friday a few weeks ago about that.

But what’s really disturbing is some people are giving up completely on link building when it’s still a really huge part of Google’s algorithm, and they’re giving up because they don’t know the rules. They don’t understand that when you play by the rules, for … Read the rest

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Getting Link Removals Wrong

Posted by dohertyjf

Ever since Penguin launched in 2012, SEOs who for years had built less than savory links, or companies who for years had ridden off the coat tails of these links, started to ask for links to be removed. I’ve heard many of my friends, like Wil Reynolds, repeatedly poo-poo it from the stage (Wil did it during his now famous “Real Company Shit” talk at Mozcon in 2012).

As someone who has overseen link removal campaigns for clients when I was at Distilled, I am not down on link removals. They have a place, and I’ve seen positive effects from cutting out large chunks of really bad links (porn, pills, poker, you name it). But, I also believe there are good and bad ways to remove links, and I want to make an example here.

In the aftermath of Matt Cutts coming out and warning people off from manipulative guest posting (something all of us have seen and grown more and more tired of in the past few years), I think a voice of reason is needed to stop companies from doing more harm than good to themselves. You’ll see an example of an email I … Read the rest

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31 Link Building Tactics Discovered From Competitive Analysis

Posted by Cliquekaila

On the Moz blog there’s always been a large discussion around competitive analysis. From how to conduct competitive analysis using Google docs to in depth articles about competitive link analysis using Excel, or even just the fact that Moz has Open Site Explorer, one of the ultimate analysis tools for competitive backlink analysis. The fact of the matter is competitive analysis can be a very worthwhile exercise to help you determine the best strategy for your online efforts. This is especially true with link building.

Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of backlinks while analyzing for opportunities (as well as looking for bad links to disavow or prune). Most recently, my analyses have inspired me to write this post, because common opportunities continue to reveal themselves, and they’re worth sharing. Have you discovered some great link building gems in addition to those listed below? Share them with us in the … Read the rest

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The Power of Authors and Content for Link Building

Posted by MatthewBarby

Guest posting is a method of link building that seems to have been done to death over the past year. I’ve seen endless articles that discuss the latest advanced search operator that will help you find new guest posting opportunities.

For me, this approach to link building seems a little too linear, and the processes involved are very convoluted.

When you think about it, there are thousands of SEO companies, webmasters, and bloggers that are all running the same kinds of queries within Google. This means that the competition you’re facing to actually gain a guest post opportunity (never mind finding one) is insanely high.

The typical approach to guest posting is as follows:

  1. Use an advanced search query (footprint) to find a list of websites that take on guest bloggers.
  2. Scrape the results and organise them in a manageable format, for example, an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Gather extra domain/webpage statistics on the list of websites to find how authoritative they are (i.e., Domain Authority, Page Authority, CitationFlow, TrustFlow, etc.).
  4. Filter through results to identify the high-quality targets based on a set of criteria.
  5. Gather contact information for the major targets.
  6. Build a content pitch for each
  7. Read the rest

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Case Study: White-Hat Link Building in the Gambling Industry

Posted by sammiranda

During 2012, Google clamped down on poor link building tactics, eliminating directories, article submission sites and adjusting the criteria for natural links. Consequently, the gambling industry has been facing the daunting task of restructuring its content marketing and SEO initiatives. Abusing article directories and paying for guest posts with keyword rich anchor text no longer cut the mustard.

Alongside brand building through social media and delivering value-added content, white-hat link building is high on the agenda to restore rankings. But it’s often dubbed mission impossible by gambling marketers.

Traditionally, gambling websites are short of linkable assets. First-party games often constitute a casino’s most valuable content, but they’re developed infrequently and reputable websites are hesitant to link to gambling-related content because of the social stigma attached to the industry.

White-hat link building (an admittedly contentious term) is possible. In this post I’m going to outline four strategies that I have obtained from my experiences of … Read the rest

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