Learn to Love Your Existing Content – 5 Ways to Get More Visibility

Posted by JamesAgate

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For the most part, articles on content promotion focus on launching new content.

Today I want to focus on getting the most out of (and in some cases, breathing new life into) existing content.

We frequently see clients that have a variety of content assets already. Where possible, I always advocate using what’s on hand over indiscriminately pumping out new content.

For the following exercise, we need to start by identifying the content assets; we’ll be looking for unloved and underloved assets.

  • Unloved = content that exists but nobody has even noticed it. It has very few links, social shares, and little to no traffic.
  • Underloved = content that exists, was launched, and did okay, but never reached its full potential. (I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve found a piece that we couldn’t squeeze at least one campaign out of.)

It’s important to note that, in many cases, we’ve been alerted to content that’s unloved because it’s essentially invisible but potentially very valuable. One good example of this would be an internal knowledge base that your sales team maintains.

Identifying pages with potential

Often it’s easier … Read the rest

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Identity, Affinity, and Personalization: What Marketers Can Learn From Tinder

Posted by bridget.randolph

Everyone has an opinion about Tinder. Whether you’re happily single, actively seeking a partner, or in a committed relationship, something about the concept of “swiping” yes or no on strangers’ pictures seems to guarantee strong opinions. There are endless articles about what Tinder (and similar apps) say aboutmodern dating, love in the 21st century, and, more broadly, millennial shallowness. And, as someone who can’t resist twisting a good dinner party topic into a marketing blog post, I started thinking about how what we know about Tinder and the way people use it can give us insight into how people shop. After all, some of my friends refer to Tinder usage as “shopping for boys.”

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What Digital Marketing Managers Should Learn from the Agile Manifesto

Posted by BenjaminEstes

The Agile movement has done a world of good for digital marketers. The term “Agile marketing” started being thrown around in about 2010. In 2011-2012 there was a proliferation of content around it. Among many others, Jonathon Colman did a Whiteboard Friday, and Mack Fogelson put her two cents in with a Moz article. At Distilled we’ve incorporated these ideas into our everyday behaviors. We’re better for it.

And yet, I don’t think we’ve captured the full potential the Agile Manifesto offers.

Much “Agile marketing” content is actually about Agile project management methodologies like Scrum. These frameworks are earth-shattering when you first find them. But in the end, they’re helping you get the same things done—just better, or faster, or with a greater rate of success. What happens when you want to dramatically level up your marketing game? or make better strategic decisions? or integrate more closely with other departments? Or make your team vastly more effective?

To answer these questions we must think bigger than project management. We need to address the business culture that shapes the choices we make. That’s what the Agile Manifesto is about. This is the real … Read the rest

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Learn From Dana Lookadoo, Support Her Medical Fund

Posted by jennita

One aspect of the Moz Community that doesn’t get mentioned enough is the individual community members who were here in the early days of SEOmoz. The folks who stuck around when our tools were brand new, when Rand was “just another SEO guy,” and when our community was really just a bunch of folks talking about SEO.

One of those early members was Dana Lookadoo. She joined Moz in April 2007, and has been a supporter, trainer, and mentor to many others ever since. Whether it’s the blog posts she’s written, the thoughtful comments she’s left, or the presentations she’s given at MozCon and in webinars, she’s provided for this community like few others have.

Last year, Dana took a
horrible fall when she was on a bike ride (she’s an avid cyclist), and broke her neck and back. She’s had many ups and downs since the accident, and hasn’t been able to work full-time. Dana now suffers intense burning from neuropathy and muscle spacicity that has spread from head to toe, and she has burning and spasms covering approximately 75% of her body. Her mobility and function is greatly limited and she suffers a lot … Read the rest

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What Do the Largest Websites Have in Common? What Can We Learn From Them?

What Do the Largest Websites Have in Common? What Can We Learn From Them? is a post by SEO expert Jonathan Goudy. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the SEO.com blog.


The largest websites in the United States all have completely different purposes and target different demographics, but they all still share some common core internet marketing principles that make them successful. These are the types of things that every small website can learn from.

The marketing principles you can learn from the best of the best are powerful because they helped launch and sustain billion-dollar companies. These aren’t necessarily difficult strategies and tactics, and they won’t cost as much as you might think, so any small company can follow these examples to grow and see an increase in traffic and possibly even conversions. Let’s get started.

For the purposes of this article, I looked at the top 100 websites in the United States according to Alexa. Just to keep things simple, I’ll just include each website’s ranking on this list whenever it is mentioned.

1.  Massive Daily Content Creation – The biggest news channels like ESPN (24), or the … Read the rest

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