Introducing Progressive Web Apps: What They Might Mean for Your Website and SEO

Posted by petewailes

Progressive Web Apps. Ah yes, those things that Google would have you believe are a combination of Ghandi and Dumbledore, come to save the world from the terror that is the Painfully Slow WebsiteTM.

But what actually makes a PWA? Should you have one? And if you create one, how will you make sure it ranks? Well, read on to find out…

What’s a PWA?

Given as that Google came up with the term, I thought we’d kick off with their definition:

“A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.”
Progressive Web Apps

The really exciting thing about PWAs: they could make app development less necessary. Your mobile website becomes your app. Speaking to some of my colleagues at Builtvisible, this seemed to be a point of interesting discussion: do brands need an app and a website, or a PWA?

Fleshing this out a little, this means we’d expect things like push notifications, background sync, the site/app working offline, having a certain look/design to feel like a native application, and being able to be set on the device home screen.

These are things we traditionally haven’t had … Read the rest

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Introducing Followerwonk Profile Pages

Posted by petebray

Followerwonk has always been primarily about social graph analysis and exploration: from tracking follower growth, comparing relationships, and so on.

Followerwonk now adds content analysis and user profiling, too

In the Analyze tab, you’ll find a new option to examine any Twitter user’s tweets. (Note that this is a Pro-only feature, so you’ll need to be a subscriber to use it.)

You can also access these profile pages by simply clicking on a Twitter username anywhere else in Followerwonk.

For us, this feature is really exciting, because we let you analyze not just yourself, but other people too. In fact, Pro users can analyze as many other Twitter accounts as they want!

Now, you’ll doubtlessly learn lots by analyzing your own tweets. But you already probably have a pretty good sense of what content works well for you (and who you engage with frequently).

We feel that Profile Pages really move the needle by letting you surface the relationships and content strategies of competitors, customers, and prospects.

Let’s take a closer look.

Find the people any Twitter user engages with most frequently

Yep, just plug in a Twitter name and we’ll analyze their most recent 2000 tweets. … Read the rest

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Introducing the New MozPlex

Posted by MeganSingley

While 2014 has just begun, it’s already been filled with new and exciting changes for Moz. Not only do we have a new CEO, but all of us Mozzers have packed up and moved to a much bigger office that we all actually fit into. Remember when we moved into our last office and we had all that space? Well, that didn’t last long (about three years).

We didn’t move very far, just a few blocks south on 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle. We’re excited that we only had to walk a couple blocks to watch the Seahawks victory parade!

Today is a super-special day because you’ve all won a golden ticket for a peek into Roger’s new home. Unfortunately, there won’t be any songs, dances, or little orange men with green hair, but we do always have tons of chocolate. :-)

So let’s get this show on the road!

When you step off the elevator onto the 5th floor, you’re greeted by our lovely Team Happy in this reception area. Oooooh, pretty. It looks like the future!

Once you answer me these questions three, the rest of the office you shall see! (We’ll actually … Read the rest

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Introducing Moz Reader!

Posted by Nick Sayers

After the demise of Google Reader, we decided to rise to the challenge. Moz Reader is our answer. We can honestly tell you that this is the best thing to happen for Moz Reader, since Moz Reader. Just call us!


Moz never expected to get into the reader business. Ever. That is until one man cornered Rand at the annual “Executives Meet at the Top of a Tower” conference. Behind wafting cigar smoke and the thick stench of brandy, Jon White appeared. Jon (seen in the announcement video) came from British-controlled Colonial Hong Kong with news of an emerging fad: feeds and current events read to customers over the phone. “Bloody genius,” he called it. Rand figured if Hong Kong was doing it, we should, too. The rest is history.

Here we are 25 years later, and finally launching Moz Reader.

On a side note, Jon is only fluent in British and Cantonese, so he hasn’t quite learned how to write American yet. That’s why the Communications Team (Elijah and I) decided … Read the rest

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Introducing New Followerwonk Engagement Metrics for Twitter

Posted by @petebray

At Followerwonk, we're all about helping our customers find, engage, and optimize their Twitter audience. We're relentlessly focused on letting you dig into your followers, do advanced searches to help plumb the depths of Twitter, track your social graph, and more.

We're excited for you to explore some of the new metrics we've rolled out today! This new data goes beyond "simple" (yet useful!) items like follower count, friend count, and so on (things that are easily available for our app to process). Our new metrics require us to deeply crawl Twitter users' timelines (that is, their actual tweets and retweets). With this, we're able to surface data that offers new ways for you to better understand your audience, competitors, and prospects.
So, without further ado, let's go to the screenshot…
As you can see, we now tell you an overall engagement percentage for users. Essentially, this tells you how much that user interacts with others on Twitter. For example, users with 82% engagement means that 82% of sampled items from their timeline are @mentions or retweets of other people.
Indeed, this engagement metric is composed of two underlying

Read the rest

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