Local Landing Pages: A Guide To Great Implementation In Every Situation

Posted by MiriamEllis

Do you keep seeing terms like “city landing pages” and “service area pages” mentioned on Local SEO blogs and find yourself wondering if this form of marketing is a good match for your business? The topic of local landing pages has been super-active in the Moz Q&A Forum recently, and I’ve written this post to honor all of these great questions we’re getting. This guide defines different types of local landing pages and identifies four distinct business models united by the need to earn visibility for local-focused Internet searches. By reading this guide, you will not only become fluent in the subject of local landing pages, but will also be ready to implement the right types of pages for your unique business.

Single-location service area business

This is the plumber working out of his house and traveling to clients in a 30 mile radius, the caretaker who sets out from her office each day to provide in-home services to elders, and the tow truck operator going out from a truck yard to rescue stranded drivers. If you travel from your home or office to serve customers, rather than them coming to you for services, your business … Read the rest

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Troubleshooting Local Ranking Failures: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted by MiriamEllis

The fallout from lost Google local rankings can be drastic, from silent phones in the office to a loss of pride in a company’s standing in the community. Don’t panic: Be proactive and take the steps outlined in this guide to begin troubleshooting the cause of your ranking failure. This article is intended for both local business owners and new Local SEOs who will benefit from having a set of procedures to follow should local rankings go south. While I can’t cover every possible cause of local ranking issues, the steps outlined below will help you surface major, common problems and take steps to correct them. This graphic provides an overview, and the details of each step follow.

Check for mass issues

The first thing to discover is whether the issue being experienced is part of a major change or bug in Google’s system. It’s extremely common for a single issue to affect enormous numbers of businesses when something goes wrong with Google’s local product or when they change a guideline, turn a filter on or off, or alter their algorithm.

Start by going to the Google and Your Business Forum. Search for the … Read the rest

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Announcing the Brand New Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

Posted by Trevor-Klein

I’m both honored and excited to announce the release of a second beginner’s guide from Moz: The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media.

The prevalence and importance of social media to web marketing can’t be overstated. To quote a few statistics from the guide itself, 72% of online adults use social networking sites, and YouTube now reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. With that kind of traffic, it’s no wonder marketers now use these networks to interact with their customers, and there’s plenty more data to prove it. Google searches for “social media” have seen a steady rise since early 2009:

Data from this year’s industry survey tell a similar story. In 2012, nearly 20% of respondents reported not using any social media tools; this year, that number was down to 11%. On top of that, 63% of respondents indicated that their demand for social media marketing has increased over the last year. Whether you’ve been in on the game from the very beginning or are just starting to wonder how social tools can apply to your own professional life, this guide was created to help take you to the next level. … Read the rest

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Keywords to Concepts: The Lazy Web Marketer’s Guide to Smart Keyword Research

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard

The SEO’s system for themed keyword research.

If Google’s Penguin update and Knowledge Graph have taught us anything, it’s that concepts have become more important than individual keywords for search marketing.

Many people in the SEO space mistakenly assume that because Google withholds keyword referral data in the form of (not provided), keywords no longer matter.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every search begins with keywords. Over 5 billion Google searches a day. Consider the following:

  • Google’s entire business is based on selling keywords – over 40 billion dollars a year, most of it from keyword sales through advertising.
  • (not provided) affects only post-click analytics. It doesn’t influence the pre-click keywords users type into search boxes.
  • Keywords and their meaning remain the primary input search engines use to deliver answers to users (while other inputs such as location data and app integration are on the rise).

Marketers who invest in smart keyword research will continue to have a huge advantage over the competition.

The trick today is turning those keywords into concepts.

From single keywords to themed concepts

When most

Read the rest

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Online Marketing for Black Friday – The Ultimate Guide

Online Marketing for Black Friday – The Ultimate Guide is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the SEO.com blog.


Since 2005, Black Friday has been the largest retail shopping day of the year in the United States. The term was coined in the early 1960s in Philadelphia to describe the large crowds and traffic that happened to be out the day after Thanksgiving—putting most stores’ finances “in the black.” However, it has since matured to be America’s retail Super Bowl Friday.

Traditionally, Black Friday shoppers line up at the stores all across town, waiting anxiously for the doors to open. These are the people who camp out, sometimes days in advance, to have a chance at the year’s ultimate discounts.

In recent years, a new trend has taken off on Black Friday, and online retail revenue growth is growing at an incredible rate year after year. In 2011 Black Friday saw 6 million in online sales. In 2012, the growth was significant: .047 billion was raked in on Black Friday. This meant that online sales grew 32%, while in-store retail sales only … Read the rest

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