5 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers Without Selling Out

Followers“Whoever dies with the most toys wins.”

Let me preface this blog post by referencing this cliche, and proposing my theory that it’s not about how many followers you have on Twitter.  It’s about relevant followers, and ultimately clicks that can turn into leads!  Try thinking of Twitter, or any social network, as a trade show.  People can wander around all day, but what the merchants are really hoping for is a sale.  If the vendors’ products are eye catching, those products are more likely to stop someone in their tracks.  If they meet the person’s needs, they’re more likely to make a sale.

So, you just signed up for a Twitter account.  What’s next?  You could probably start following as many people as you can, but there’s a better way to acquire followers.  The first thing you should do is get your profile page set up and ready for that first follower.  Your profile picture should be a square version of your company logo, or even a professional headshot.  Your bio needs to be a maximum of 160 characters (like your tweets), but should contain some keywords and a clear call to action.  This is important from a … Read the rest

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