​The Ridiculously Smart Guide to Buying Legit Twitter Followers

Posted by larry.kim

You can get 12,000 followers for your Twitter account for the low, low price of .

Plenty of websites offer such services:

buy twitter followers


Just no.

You’re better than that.

Don’t buy thousands of fake accounts for cheap.

There’s a much smarter way to buy legitimate Twitter followers and increase your organic reach.

Having real Twitter followers definitely will offer you more long-term benefits than any “cheap” deals you’ll find.

What you have to do is buy real followers.

Adding legit Twitter followers will increase engagement and impressions because actual people will be retweeting you, replying to your posts, or otherwise interacting with your content.

Increasing your following does come at a cost, but it may surprise you to learn that, when done right, it really isn’t all that expensive.

Here’s your ultimate guide to running a Twitter Followers Campaign.

How to reach your future Twitter followers

Twitter makes it super easy to target users by location. For example, you could target people in specific cities, or you could target a metro area, such as Boston, MA–Manchester NH:


Your Followers Campaigns can target either by interests and followers, or by using Tailored Audiences.

Using interests … Read the rest

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Are Hashtags Dead? Do Tweets with Images Get More Followers? Twitter Growth Factors (and Some Excel Tips)

Posted by petebray

What factors go into determining how many Twitter followers you gain (and lose) each day?

I was driven in part by Rand Fishkin’s recent “mad scientist” experimentation that he touched on at MozCon. There, he noted that his tweets with images resulted in significant follower losses.

Do they? And what other behaviors result in more (or fewer) followers?

I’ve found some interesting gems.

Of course, it’s worth noting that aggregate, general trends don’t necessarily speak to your specific situation. In fact, as you’ll see, they’re often exactly the opposite! To that end, I want you to play along at home…

You’ve got new data!

If you’re a Moz subscriber who has had their Twitter account connected to Followerwonk for three or more months, then chances are you’ll find a new complimentary report there. (I also only computed these reports for those who have more than 50 Twitter followers, and who tweeted in at least 10% of the days analyzed.)

Once you’ve downloaded the report, please clean up the data. Look for any days with zero gains/losses that look wonky (i.e. something should be there but isn’t). These are either Twitter or Followerwonk outages. Delete them AND the day immediately following outage. This is important, as … Read the rest

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17 Tactics for More Twitter Followers (And Two New Followerwonk Features to Help!)

Posted by petebray

Let’s talk turkey! And by “turkey” I mean “followers.” And by “talk” I mean “get more!”

To start, put aside those quaint olden-times notions that seeking more followers is unsavory. Heck, even Twitter promotes their tools as means to quickly get more:

Of course, the early days of Twitter were very different than today. Back then, there were all sorts of spammy ways to get followers. Perhaps it is the hangover from those days that makes people queasy when thinking of “techniques” to get followers.

Nowadays, though, Twitter has clamped down hard. Spammy techniques will get you banished quickly. And most of those old grey-hat methods don’t even work: Twitter has radically limited how many people you can follow, as well as how many you can follow each hour.

You might ask, why do I want more followers anyway? Twitter does little for SEO (at least not directly). And followers are just chaff that don’t listen to me anyway (maybe so).

Well, I don’t want to get into a whole sales pitch for social media generally, but a few points stand out:

  • Twitter is a lightweight, frictionless, and serendipitous way to engage customers. It
  • Read the rest

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Data: Identify Yourself Authoritatively for More Followers

Posted by danzarrella

For more data on social media and busting of unicorns-and-rainbows social media myths, be sure to register for the Science of Social Media webinar that is being held on Tuesday, August 23rd at 2:00pm EST. This webinar is actually going to be certifed as the largest online marketing seminar ever by the Guinness World Records folks.

The easiest social media myth to bust is “don’t call yourself a guru.” Proponents of this myth argue that self labeling yourself as an expert makes you sound pretentious. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. But the data clearly shows that telling your audience why they should listen to you absolutely works to increase your reach.

When I first started analyzing Twitter account data, one of the first things I noticed is that a surprising number of accounts don’t include profile pictures, bios or homepage links. But when I looked at the number of followers accounts with … Read the rest

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5 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers Without Selling Out

Followers“Whoever dies with the most toys wins.”

Let me preface this blog post by referencing this cliche, and proposing my theory that it’s not about how many followers you have on Twitter.  It’s about relevant followers, and ultimately clicks that can turn into leads!  Try thinking of Twitter, or any social network, as a trade show.  People can wander around all day, but what the merchants are really hoping for is a sale.  If the vendors’ products are eye catching, those products are more likely to stop someone in their tracks.  If they meet the person’s needs, they’re more likely to make a sale.

So, you just signed up for a Twitter account.  What’s next?  You could probably start following as many people as you can, but there’s a better way to acquire followers.  The first thing you should do is get your profile page set up and ready for that first follower.  Your profile picture should be a square version of your company logo, or even a professional headshot.  Your bio needs to be a maximum of 160 characters (like your tweets), but should contain some keywords and a clear call to action.  This is important from a … Read the rest

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