Selling SEO to the C-Suite: How to Convince Company Executives to Support SEO

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The implementation of a solid SEO strategy often gets put on the back burner — behind website redesigns, behind client work, behind almost everything — and even when it is taken seriously, you have to fight for every resource for implementation. SEO must be a priority. However, convincing the company executives to prioritize it and allocate budget to SEO initiatives can feel like scaling a mountain.

Sound familiar?

Convincing company executives that SEO is one of the most critical elements of a holistic digital marketing strategy to increase website traffic (and therefore customers, sales, and revenue) won’t be easy, but these steps can increase the chances of your program being taken seriously, and getting the budget needed to make it a success.

Before you start: Put yourself in the shoes of the C-Suite and be ready to answer their questions.

While it’s no doubt frustrating that your executives don’t understand the importance of SEO, put yourself in their shoes and consider what is important to them. Have solid answers ready to questions.

CEOs are decision-makers, not problem-solvers. They are going to ask:

  • Why should we invest in SEO vs. [insert another strategy here]?
  • Is this going
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Content Marketing: How To Sell Executives On The Idea & Cost

how to sell content marketing to executives

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of publishing content that helps to engage or entertain a prospect and then move them into the sales funnel. Content marketing isn’t necessarily new, however, over the last few years it has become more popular with all types of online marketers mostly because of the engagement it creates and the ROI that it generates for businesses of all sizes.

Kapost and Eloqua recently put together and published a study on the cost and ROI of content marketing in which they share some very eye opening statistics that should catch the attention of all types of marketers, online and offline. Content marketing, when executed over a long period of time (36+ months) yields three times as many leads, dollar for dollar, when compared to paid search. The reasoning for this is because once you have built your own audience and community, you don’t have to pay for it anymore and your ROI goes through the roof (as seen in the image below).

content marketing benefits

The problem for most businesses is, that content marketing is super expensive and it is really hard to justify the expense today for a return in three years. In … Read the rest

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