How to Face 3 Fundamental Challenges Standing Between SEOs and Clients/Bosses

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Every other year, the good people at Moz conduct a survey with one goal in mind: understand what we (SEOs) want to read more of. If you haven’t seen the results from 2017, you can view them here.

The results contain many great questions, challenges, and roadblocks that SEOs face today. As I was reading the 2017 Moz Blog readership survey, a common thread stood out to me: there are disconnects on fundamental topics between SEOs and clients and/or bosses. Since I work at an agency, I’ll use “client” through the rest of this article; if you work in-house, replace that with “boss.”

Check out this list:

I can definitely relate to these challenges. I’ve been at Distilled for a few years now, and worked in other firms before — these challenges are real, and they’re tough. Through sharing my experience dealing with these challenges, I hope to help other consultants and SEOs to overcome them.

In particular, I want to discuss three points of disconnect that happen between SEOs and clients.

  1. My client doesn’t understand the value of SEO and it’s difficult to prove ROI.
  2. My client doesn’t understand how SEO works and I
  3. Read the rest

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A Different Kind of SEO: 5 Big Challenges One Niche Faces in Google

Posted by Alex-T

When it comes to brick-and-mortar storefronts, local businesses often struggle to compete with neighboring big brands. Statistics show that, even for a well-known local store that’s established a strong relationship with its customers and built a community through the years, having such a neighbor can be detrimental. But what about a newly opened business? Does it have any chance of competing with popular brands? My experience has led me to believe there’s only one way a locally owned business can overcome big competition: it needs to take advantage of local SEO.

Recently, in collaboration with Accuranker, I conducted a survey that touches upon the difficulties local businesses face when trying to become visible in Google’s local results. We analyzed more than 300,000 local SERPs across multiple industries (beauty, medical services, auto services, legal, shopping, etc.) to get a clear understanding of what the chances are for a local site to seem attractive to Google.

One of the more curious insights our research revealed is that the legal services niche is among the most competitive. Sure, this finding isn’t rocket science. In fact, I bet on some level you were aware of this (or at least you … Read the rest

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Challenges in Automated Traffic Reporting

Posted by Benjamin Estes

Recently I had a client who (generally for the enlightenment of their executive branch) wanted traffic information reported in an easy-to-digest format. The idea was that while they had consistently used Google Analytics for some time, there were people in the company who had an interest in knowing certain traffic data, but were too far from the day-to-day running of the website to be spending a lot of time sifting through Analytics reports.

Enter the Dashboard.

It sounded like the perfect solution: a screen full of nice, big numbers! Lines going up and to the right! Charting all the things!

But lo! my dream was short-lived. There were so many solutions to choose from, and each had different integrated services and custom data reporting methods. Most of them were explained quite well through documentation, but it was all so time consuming. I would have to trial services, only to determine one-by-one that they were somehow not a match for the client’s needs. So here I am to save you some time by letting you know some of the pros and cons of various services, as some insights I had along the way. There is … Read the rest

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5 Creative Solutions to Tough SEO Challenges

Posted by randfish

December has been a surprisingly busy month for my email inbox, with questions on nearly every SEO subject imaginable. In answering many of these quandries, a common theme emerged – that many marketers engage in SEO challenges with a singular focus on the most common / best practice techniques and don’t stray into a creative, imaginative mindset to find alternatives.

Here, then, are six examples of problems I’ve seen where creativity might prevail over standard techniques.

#1 – High Budget Reputation Management Issues

Several SEOs I know are currently involved in high-budget reputation management, where a company, product or person is attempting to assert control of the search results for their name/brand. Most of the standard techniques involve linking to and/or creating positive or neutral content about the target to push down the negative content.

A creative, alternate methodology might be to create diversity by introducing multiple brands/people with the same or similar names. For example, if a Mr. Thomas Thompson is attempting to push down negative results for his name, you might seek to boost up the profiles/rankings of other Thomas Thompsons and generating buzz about them to make the engines consider applying diversity algorithms … Read the rest

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