How to Perform a Basic Local Business Competitive Audit

Posted by MiriamEllis

“Why are those folks outranking me in Google’s local pack?”

If you or a client is asking this question, the answer lies in competitive analysis. You’ve got to stack Business A up against Business B to identify the strengths and weaknesses of both competitors, and then make an educated guess as to which factors Google is weighting most in the results for a specific search term.

Today, I’d like to share a real-world example of a random competitive audit, including a chart that depicts which factors I’ve investigated and explanatory tips and tools for how I came up with the numbers and facts. Also included: a downloadable version of the spreadsheet that you can use for your own company or clients. Your goal with this audit is to identify exactly how one player is winning the game so that you can create a to-do list for any company trying to move up in the rankings. Alternatively, some competitive audits can be defensive, identifying a dominant player’s weaknesses so that they can be corrected to ensure continued high rankings.

It’s my hope that seeing this audit in action will help you better answer the question of why … Read the rest

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How & Why to Build a Basic Gantt Chart for Almost Any Project

Posted by noahlemas

[Estimated read time: 13 minutes]

I had planned on writing about losslessness, about accurate reproduction. I’ve always found it strange that at just about the same time that true losslessness became widely available cheaply, we suddenly seemed to care less about fidelity than ever before. So I had wanted to discuss the Internet’s imminent future, almost undoubtedly VR-based and highly resolution-dependent, and how that vision is slightly at odds with its history of relegating virtually everything to simple, low-resolution, compressed formats.

With the path to writing such a post research and time-intensive, deadline-bound, and rife with potential rabbit holes that could very well result in me unintentionally plumbing the depths of the Internet, I began framing it as though it were typical proposed work — which, for me, means organizing a basic Gantt chart. It’s something I do to frame the projects included in client engagements, beginning even during the proposal stage.

Remind me again what a Gantt chart is…

A Gantt chart is a rather simple matrix of a project’s activities and its associated start dates and deadlines. You’ve seen them but perhaps not known they had a name (activities on … Read the rest

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A Basic (yet essential) Pre & Post Content Launch Checklist (with guidelines)

Posted by Mackenzie Fogelson

So you’re ready to launch some content.

Stop. Right. There.

In case you haven't noticed, our industry has evolved. As SEOs, we're expected to be an amalgam of technicians, analysts, creatives, and marketers. Agility is essential and if you want to acquire and sustain relationships with great clients, you’ve got to prove your worth in every effort you make or you won’t continue to earn your budgets.

Chances are, you’re already pushing out a great deal of content for your clients on a regular basis. Considering SEO, social, conversion, measurement, and analysis, there’s a lot that you have to get into place for success. 

So how about some checklists?

These checklists in this post are meant to serve as simple reminders prior to content release, but they’re also intended to encourage you to think beyond on-page SEO elements. Rely on these lists to make sure you’ve considered every possible angle so that … Read the rest

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