Winners of #MozCation 2012

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MozCationWhoa. Ever have one of those times where your expectations are completely blown out of the water? Well that's what happened during this year's nomination for a MozCation.

Wait, wait, wait, before I get too far ahead of myself, I should explain what it is I'm talking about. Last month, we invited people from around the world to nominate their city for an SEOmoz Meetup.

Once again, we were completely blown away by the way local communities were able to come together so quickly and show us how excited they were for us to come. Some people built and designed websites and Twitter accounts, others created videos or blog posts, and a couple even made infographics.

You've all proven to us once again that our community rocks and that we need to work hard to keep up with all of you! I know, I know you want me to quit blabbing so you can see which cities we picked this year. Please know that it was a really tough decision, and we were overwhelmed by the amazing content created. Now, let's get down to business!

And The Winners Are…

Watch the video with Rand below to find out which cities we'll be visiting for a MozCation this year. :)

Note: Please note, that not all the cities nominated were listed in the video. We just took a quick sampling of the cities submitted and listed them.

Yay! Ok so I won't give it away, I want you to watch the video. :) But congratulations to the cities we'll be visiting!

All The 2012 Nominations

Please be sure to check out all the amazing nominations we had this year. We only gave folks two weeks to put something together, and as you can see, the nominations were absolutely amazing! A huge thank you to all the cities who participated!

Niagra Falls, Canada

Title: MozCation in Niagara Falls

Nominated by: @GatewayMarriott


Dallas, TX

Title: Dallas MozCation

Nominated by: @malachiii


Chandgarh, India

Title: Mozcation Chandgarh

Nominated by: @Weexcel


East of England, UK

Title: MozCation 2012 East of England

Nominated by: @chrisgreen87


Milwaukee, WI

Title: MozCation in Milwaukee

Nominated by: @regalcreative


Minneapolis, MN


Nominated by: @JLBraaten


Cape Town, South Africa

Title: Moz Cape Town

Nominated by: @andrevankets


Helsinki, Finland

Title: Nominate Helsinki for a Moz Meetup

Nominated by: @Tulos_Helsinki


Albuquerque, NM

Title: MozCation in Albuquerque for 2012

Nominated by: @MozCationABQ


Karachi, Pakistan

Title: #Mozcation in Pakistan – A Solid Justification

Nominated by: @mmhemani


Various Cities, Italy

Title: MozCation Italy

Nominated by: @gfiorelli1



Title: MozCation Manchester

Nominated by: @alexmoss


Indianapolis, IN

Title: SEOmoz MozCation in Beautiful Indianapolis!

Nominated by: @


Portsmouth, NH

Title: I nominate Portsmouth, NH

Nominated by: various (actually there were tons of individual nominations!)



Thank You!

I just wanted to send another big thank you to everyone who participated in MozCation. We look forward to the upcoming Meetups, and we really hope that everyone who participated this year will try again next year! Also, every time we do this, we get to find out where all our community is. It helps us to know where we might want to visit in the future for other types of events as well.

We hope to see you all soon, and please if you weren't chosen this time, we'll be holding more events next year! <3

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