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One of the great disconnects for the online marketing industry (so far) has been the failure to develop the kind of “best practices” and coordinated efforts synonymous with well-oiled corporate marketing machines.

That’s to be expected, it took corporate America decades to refine advertising and marketing dogma for Online_cashprint, radio and television. Online marketing is still in its infancy but, with so many Marketing firms pushing for businesses to use their online marketing and metrics systems, the evolution is accelerating.

The online marketing industry can learn a great deal from former big-box retailers, food manufacturers and corporate giants of yester-year. Yes, there are far different “tactics” and “mechanics” today, but the concepts and strategies are similar and applicable.

The skills and capabilities of many former marketing professionals are also relevant. Marketing directors, ad execs, brand managers, writers, PR and many more, have skills that are transferable to many online models being presented. Companies have fired many of the people who for years brought business in the door, and many of these positions will never be refilled.

Look at the graphic below. It points out, in cold hard numbers, the shifting to equilibrium that is occurring between internet and traditional media, namely television. Notice that while TV spending is proportionate to TV time, Internet spending is still way out of whack with the ever increasing amount of time we are spending online. It is inevitable that online ad spends will shift closer to a percentage in-line with the time spent on the medium. 


January 22, 2010   Posted in: SEO / Traffic / Marketing

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