Video Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Videos Can Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Video has changed the internet. What was once a passing distraction has become an essential technology for many websites, powering important informational video clips, fun and goofy videos, and giving marketers the persuasive fuel required to advertise their products to an audience.

However, unlike its television counterpart, online video rarely performs well on its own. Media conglomerates found out how to monetize TV quickly, contacting major companies and independent advertisers to offer effective service. While Youtube’s Partner program has pushed online video towards the TV-style income model, it certainly hasn’t moved it all the way there yet.

For many marketers, online video has other income-generating properties. Popular as an on-page addition and marketing element, online video can dramatically increase conversion rates and levels of opt-in participation. Not convinced? The five reasons below explain just how online video can dramatically improve your website’s conversion rates, your squeeze page’s opt-in numbers, and your service page’s project inquiries.

1) Videos attract attention.

It’s hard to attract attention online. Not only are there hundreds of flashing banner ads competing for attention, but there are myriad other users doing their best to distract readers and steal their focus elsewhere. Add a video and you’ll cut through the distractions and deliver something instantly noticeable, catching attention and cutting down on other distractions at the same time.

2) Videos can draw focus towards highlighted page elements.

Got a particular page element that’s been effective in driving conversions? Rather than putting it dead center and ruining your page’s design, use a video to call attention to it. Browse through the page on camera and you’ll find that your viewers will natively replicate it — perfect for pushing that mouse towards the ‘buy’ button.

3) Sales-driven videos can convince customers to buy.

With some salesmanship and slick persuasion, even the most basic sales-driven video can boost conversion rates. If your page does an effective job of highlighting your product’s value, but is poor at explaining how and why it should be purchased, a sales-driven video could be the right answer. You’ll gain more than just attention — effective sales videos build anticipation and increase the desire to buy your product.

4) Lead generation videos can build trust.

It takes a lot of trust to enter your email address into the average website. Unethical marketers have reduced the internet to a spam-filled wasteland in some parts, making an email opt-in more difficult than an art museum robbery. Thankfully, video allows you to build the trust required to make that opt-in successful, particularly by letting you speak face-to-face with your audience directly.

5) Informational videos help explain an unusual or remarkable product.

Got a product that can’t quite be explained with text? Put together a video explaining and promoting the product and you’ll gain attention and understanding at once. Informational videos are particularly popular amongst software marketers, and for good reason. When your product is suitable for a mass audience but hard to explain to them, informational videos give you the ability to demonstrate value, simplify operation, and show just why your product is worth buying.

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