This Week in “Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions”

Hey followers. This week we are launching the “Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions” web series, featuring answers to some questions about basic SEO fundamentals.

There are certain concepts of search engine optimization that will likely always remain a ranking factor. Whether you are a new or seasoned SEO professional, it may be nice to revisit these subjects and ensure you are aware of new factors that may have come into play. We hope our short video answer web series will answer basic questions and keep you informed of changes, events, and tips in the industry. Watch for a post ever week or so highlighting the latest videos.

Coming up next week: answers to and link building questions!

This week you will find answers to the following questions:

Why Do I Need SEO?

What is an XML Sitemap?

What is Analytics?

Do I Need Analytics?

What is a Meta Description?

What is a Search Engine Index?

What is the Rel=Canonical Tag? » Blog

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