The Importance Of Split Testing

I was just in a meeting today with a company that wanted to improve their conversions on a FREE front end offer. Amazingly, the company in question has a big budget and is currently spending in the region of £30k per week on TV Advertising.

The thing that amazes me is that they never even did any split testing on the site first with PPC or their existing traffic to improve their conversion rate from a paltry 14% on a FREE offer. I won’t go into the details of the company or the offer, but for what they are offering for free, they should get well over a 14% conversion on their offer.

Anyhow, I wanted to point out to you the importance of split testing your websites pages, lead capture pages, backgrounds, layouts, buttons, whatever it may be it can be tested to improve the response rate from your visitors.

It’s amazing the improvements you can get in your conversion rates by testing the smallest of things. I recently setup an affiliate site that pre sells a popular computer software tool. On the homepage of the site I was testing how many people clicked on a button to view the affiliate offer, just by testing 3 different colours in Google Website Optmizer I got an improvement of 42% in click volume. Amazing results from just changing 1 thing on a website, and the colour of a button at that!

Big Companies Live Or Die By Testing

Take Amazon and Godaddy for instance, they spent a fortune testing their sites to improve conversions and with the budgets they have, they would be stupid not too. Just take a look around their sites and really pay attention to the upsell process on each and how the elements work together to squeeze more money out of you, once you have your credit card at hand… Clever stuff!

Google Website Optimizer – Use It!

If you have never used Google Website Optimizer on your site then I encourage you to just setup a simple split test and try it, on your order buttons, or your call to action images. Experiment with different colour backgrounds, images, layouts etc. You can read a great blog post here that highlights 108 ways to improve your websites profits using Google Website Optimizer.

To me Google Website Optimizer is the best free tool available online that can have a massive impact on your profitability, if you just use it!!

Go on what are you waiting for, use it, NOW!

Setting up a simple split test or multivariate test could not be simpler, they walk you thropugh the whole process and it takes less than 10 minutes to setup a simple test to see which page coverts more visitors into prospects or buyers.

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