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This week’s Content Collective is similar to last week’s as the topic of increased ‘Not Provided’ keywords is on the forefront of most SEO’s minds. Here are a couple of articles from Moz, both direct, yet encouraging, regarding the update. We’re also sharing an article with a unique perspective on Google +1s and how they actually affect your campaign.


Shay Wright Recommends:

When Keyword (not provided) is 100 Percent of Organic Referrals, What Should Marketers Do?

People think of keyword rankings when they think of SEO. This mindset has been gradually changing over the last couple of years, mirroring the increase of (not provided) keywords.

(Not provided) keywords were only associated with queries while logged into an individual’s Google account. This is no longer the case. Google has now decided to encrypt all keywords. This isn’t happening immediately but 100% (not provided) is inevitable. This article shows us how we can still measure success as well as stay on top of our SEO efforts sans Google keyword rankings.


Andy Eliason Recommends:

The First Existential Threat to SEO

The “Death of SEO” has been a topic of conversation since the beginning of search engine marketing. Rand Fishkin has never given much credit to those conversations (neither have we, for that matter) until now. Google’s decision for (not provided) keywords to head toward 100% has worried almost every SEO, including the people at Moz.

Rand’s article provides a short list of action items they plan on taking to get around this SEO hump. These simple suggestions might help you see this change more positively.


Melissa McGibbon Recommends:

New Study Finds Google+ Shares Don’t Cause Higher Search Rankings

Google +1s have repeatedly caused numerous debates as to whether or not they increase keyword rankings. Matt Cutts has come straight out and told us they do not affect rankings whatsoever. His words inspired Stone Temple Consulting to conduct yet another study to find the truth. This article explains what they found and how they found it.

Stone Temple’s study also looks at how +1s affect the discovery of content and indexing. The results might surprise you.

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