Questions Surround Bing’s Expansion Into China

china flag with Bing and Baidu

Bing is partnering with Baidu to deliver English search results in China. Baidu is a Chinese search engine that holds 83 percent of the Chinese-language search engine market. But Baidu has struggled to deliver accurate English results.

Bing is owned by Microsoft. And one of the problems Microsoft faces in moving into China is the Chinese government demanding access to Bing’s search engine so they can censor Baidu’s English search results, which are generated by Bing. Beijing will be able to manipulate search results on topics such as human rights and other items the Chinese government deems “dangerous and troublesome.” Will the tampering impact Bing’s credibility in the United States? Will Bing’s partnership with Baidu and the Chinese government tarnish your view of Bing?

Google recently pulled out of China and moved into Hong Kong because the Chinese government would not stop interfering with the search giant. Google maintains more than 65 percent of the search market in the United States while Bing hovers at about 20 percent. Should Microsoft have sacrificed the integrity of its search results by caving to Chinese censorship policies to gain access to a search market of 470 million Internet users?

One thing is certain; companies with an interest in organic SEO in China should focus more efforts into Bing. » Blog

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