Promote SEOmoz & Make Money – Announcing Our New Affiliate Program!

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Are you an SEOmoz fan? Do you love our software? Do you dream of introducing Roger to your friends? Well, what if you could do all that and make money? Too awesome to believe, huh? Well now you can! We are excited to present our new affiliate program, which has higher payouts, an easier management platform, and better service all-around.

For years we have been struggling to really let the potential of our promoters and evangelists shine through. Well enough of that.

We have moved to the HasOffers platform, another Seattle-based startup that is quickly earning a reputation as an industry leader. With HasOffers our affiliates will now enjoy more visibility into their account, top-notch reporting, and an easy to navigate platform for better usability.

Now let’s talk money!
Like I said, we are paying out big for your help in promoting our software. It’s a win-win…you get to share software you love and make money while you’re at it! Here is what the payouts look like.

Affiliate payout table
              (Wowzers is right! These are the highest affiliate payouts in our industry!)


Got questions? We have some answers!

How long does my cookie last?

We are giving a generous 60-day cookie, to make sure you get the credit you deserve!

What kinds of tracking does HasOffers provide me?

Our new program offers real-time tracking. This means when they convert…you know! Please note the tracking will begin on the click, not the impression.

What kind of resources are available to me?
We have over 25 different creatives in there for you to get started with. This includes a variety of themes as well as sizes. We are also going to be adding to this regularly, based on affiliate feedback and needs. In addition to a plethora of creatives, we provide you a variety of optimized landing pages to help your traffic better understand what SEOmoz PRO is all about and purchase with confidence!

What kinds of campaigns are allowed?
We allow a number of different campaigns–website, blog, email, and coupon are just some examples. Currently, we are not accepting incentivized traffic and paid search campaigns require affiliate manager approval.

How often do I get paid?
We work off a 30-day pay period, and then we will be paying on Net 30 after the close of each pay period.

What about all my other questions?
Well friends, this is the awesome part. We have moved this affiliate program in-house because we are serious about making this a top-notch affiliate program. If you have any questions you can contact us directly at, and will get back to you speedy as speedy can be!

That about sums it up for now. We are so excited, and urge all of you check out the program and sign up! If you are looking for more information you can read about the new affiliate program in detail or if you are ready to sign up and get promoting, you can join below!

Become and Affiliate button


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