On Our Wait-List? You Get a Moz Analytics!

Posted by Anthony Skinner

It is with great pleasure that I announce the wait is over! That’s right, we are now letting people from our wait-list into Moz Analytics!

In many ways, I feel like a not-as-cute version of Oprah Winfrey. I may not be worth 77 million dollars, and I am not giving you a car, but it does feel good to give new subscribers who patiently waited a 30-day free trial of Moz Analytics! Over the next few weeks we will be sending emails inviting people to try out the tools. The invitation is good for seven days, so when you see the email, make sure you click the link and join us right away.

If you’re not on our wait-list, you’ve still got time to get early access. Just head over and sign up!

Before too long, we will open Moz Analytics free trials to the general public. We plan to release improvements and fixes to Moz Analytics every 2-4 weeks. Have questions about the application? Feel free to check out the Moz Help Hub. Feedback or suggestions? Check out the feature request forum.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy your new ride.

Anthony Skinner
CTO and Oprah Impersonator

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