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About 2 months ago I signed upto an internet coaching program called Maverick Money Makers run by a very savvy internet marketing business giant called Mack Michaels.

Mack is not as well known as most of the internet marketing gurus online and that’s for a good reason. He’s not the kind of person to put out a ton of products simply to line his bank account with your hard earned money.

You see, Maverick Money Makers is a members only coaching program that encompasses all of Mack’s work. If there is something new that Mack discovers about making money online then he simply creates a step by step video to explain everything in detail and you get access to it in the club.

Most gurus would simply create a new product, orchestrate a big product launch and sucker you into buying yet another product that will gather virtual dust on your computers hard drive.

Let me say this, and I don’t ever say this lightly…

Simply Put: This is the only program you ever need to buy to learn how to make money online. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced marketer there are guides that will take you by the hand at any level and help you generate a life changing income.

If your anything like me, you’ve spend 00’s of dollars on products that you simply read and don’t follow, then you struggle to find them again in the future for reference and before you know it your expenses are getting out of control from all the products you bought..

Put an end to it now…

Maverick Money Makers has so much content all in one place, you never need another product again. Making money on the internet comes down to 2 basic principes.

Traffic & Conversion…

Master both of those aspects and you have a winning formula for success online. Maverick Money Makers has TONS of information on both those topics and that is all you need to master. Don’t get suckered into buying product after product, you have everything you need with Maverick MOney Makers for a ridiculously low price of .00.

I know what you thinking, oh not another monthly recurring payment… Trust me, YOU DON’T NEED ANTHING ELSE apart from this coaching club, keeping that in mind – it’s a small price to pay comparatively speaking…

Check it out for yourself, if its not for you, get a refund, but do yourself a favour and at least see for yourself the amazing content inside..

My Results With Maverick Money Makers

Ok, now onto my results.. As I said I’ve been involved in the club now for just over 2 months and in that time I put a lot of focus into just a couple of areas, and I’m thrilled to say that without spending a penny on advertising a website I setup is now pulling in around 32.00 every week – and that’s just from one website.

You can see my affiliate account at Revenuewire below:

Maverick Money Makers Results

Now for obvious reasons I can’t tell you my site as I don’t want competitors to destroy my income, but I can tell you it is a pure affiliate site that I put together about 6 months ago. The site didn’t do much for a few months while I built the content but the SEO & traffic strategies in Maverick Money Makers made a huge difference to my income.

My goal for the next 12 months is to build one site per month and to be completely honest I don’t expect any of them to do as well as the first as the first time around I hit on a HOT market..

But, even if the sites only doing 20% if the income as my first attempt here is what i’m looking at in 6 months.

1 site x 00 Per Week = 00 Month

12 Sites x 0 Per Week = 00 Month

Total = ,600 Per Month.

Now that is exciting :-)

Sure… that is a huge amount of money and it will require a lot of work, but it sure is possible with the step by step instruction you get in Maverick Money Makers.

If you are still struggling to make a decent income online, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Maverick Money Makers Club..

Ok, So What’s Included In The Club

Well bearing in mind that its a monthly elite membership club where you get new content every month.. Here is a snapshot of the core material you can find Inside the Maverick Money Makers club:

1. Core Training – In this section members get to learn the main theories and processes behind the Maverick Money Makers system. The videos will show you exactly how to build your online marketing business from scratch and into a steady stream of income.

Within this section there are 7 main videos, I will break down each one for you here…

Step 1: Development

In this video, you’ll discover several powerful principles that will guide your entire online business adventure. You’ll learn manypowerful, yet simple concepts that you can apply again and again to help any of your sites generate not only more money online, but an unlimited source of traffic.

Step 2: Online Spying

In this video, you’ll discover how to become one of the most powerful online spies in the world. You’ll tap into the endless power of the Internet to find out where the money is flowing in your market so you can get in front of it. You’ll also learn how to find all the working strategies and methods in your market so you can ‘borrow’ them for your own use. Once you learn how to utilize the methods in this training you’ll laugh at how easy it is to generate traffic.

Step 3: Keyword Mastery

In this video, you’ll discover the most powerful keyword research secrets that the majority of online marketers don’t know exist. Most marketers know all the common keyword research tools and the basic metrics to look for but that’s only 5% of what you need to know to generate maximum traffic and income. This online training will take you deeper. Much deeper

Step 4: SEO Intelligence

n this video, you’ll discover the latest SEO strategies and techniques you’ll need to know to optimize your websites for high rankings. You’ll learn all about the “behavorial” evolution of SEO and how you can stand ahead of the curve. You will also go deep into the backbone of LSI tactics (like adding related phrases to ‘bookend’ your targeted phrases) and tons of other ways to use LSI properly to get those high rankings — and many other hardcore SEO tricks. (this is the one I was telling you about above – It’s AWESOME :-) )

Step 5: Content Creation

In this video, you’ll discover how to set up your own online assembly line to be pumping out high-quality, traffic-magnet content on a regular basis. If you want lots of traffic you absolutely must be doing this. In a very short amount of time those that aren’t doing this will be left with very little traffic and business. I guarantee it.

Step 6: Video Marketing

In this video, you’ll discover the exciting new world of Video Marketing and how you can quickly and easily use video in your own marketing to generate a ton of sales on the internet. It’s a lot easier than most people think and you don’t even have to appear in a single video if you don’t want to. Most marketers are clueless when it comes to truly utilizing the power of video syndication across the Web.

Step 7: Social Marketing

In this video, you’ll discover how to tap into the VIRAL elements of Social Networking on the internet. You’ll also learn how to use it to automatically syndicate your content so it gets put in front of a MASSIVE CROWD of people everytime you publish something online. There’s definitely a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way to do this and you’ll learn the ‘right’ way that will generate a steady flow of new daily sales for many years to come.

2. Quick Money Blueprints – Mack provides some of his quick money blueprints that show you how to start earning money immediately. The quick money blueprints can be used to generate income as you continue to build the other aspects of your online business.

- Fast Action Guides -

In this sub section there are 9 guides… and these are incredible.Bum Marketing Guide

These guides have more cutting edge strategies in them than most stand alone products. Here is what one looks like…

You will find guides on:

  • Press Release Marketing
  • Bum Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • How To Choose Your Niche
  • How To Find Customers
  • How To Flip Websites
  • How To Gather Keywords
  • Make Money On A Budget
  • Make Money On Ebay

Now firstly, let me point out something… Don’t be fooled by the lame titles that these guides have… They are Incredible. I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt that just the Bum Marketing one is worth x5 times your investment in this program. Yeah, I’ve read tons of information about Bum Marketing from other gurus too, but none compared to this..

Seriously…, this is killer…

… and that covers just one sub section in “Quick Money Blueprints” – there are other sections with videos on Adbrite, Google Trends, Yahoo Answers, Ebay etc…

3. Skill Set Videos – These videos will help you to develop the crucial skills necessary to become successful at making money online. There are 3 sub sections to this category covering everything from Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation & Conversion.. Tons of quality information here.

4. Mindset Coaching - One of the most difficult aspects of being successful online is keeping your head in the game and staying focused. There are always difficulties and frustrations when starting any business and it is important to develop the correct mindset to stay focused on your goals. So, what has Mack done.. He’s put together some of the best audios from the likes of:

  • Zig Ziglar
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Lee Milteer
  • Jerry Clark
  • Mike Vance
  • Randy Gage
  • Tamara Lowe

There are literally hours and hours of audios in this section and this stuff will get your attitude in the right mindset to move forward with your online business…

5. Bonus Items - Maverick Money Makers members also get access to a bunch of bonus items including turnkey websites, insider reports, niche marketing ideas, and much more.

Wow, there is so much in this site I can barely feel my fingers.. In the next few days I will have to create a video for you showcasing the site in detail ;-)

Until then…

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