Making More Money With Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are using performance-based cost-per-action affiliate networks or regular pay-per-click, the trick to making more money lies in how much traffic you can attract to those offers. Internet marketers understand that is isn’t just a simple case of getting the highest earnings-per-click (EPC) offer, it’s also about understanding how to attract highly targeted traffic to these offers in large streams. If you are having a little bit of trouble generating the income you desire from affiliate marketing, think about implementing some of these traffic-generating strategies to amp up the performance and your final payout.

Article Marketing

Join several article directories and start posting targeting articles in the niche you are trying to market. This does two things, it allows you to quickly find people who might have an interest in the product or service being promoted in your affiliate offer and it also let’s you add a link in the resource section sending them back to some area where you can market them further. Just keep in mind that there are guidelines on what you can do with these articles, although making them search-engine friendly with keywords in your niche is always appreciated. Don’t overload the articles with too many keywords, instead keep them to 1% to 2% of the total content of the article. Add your link to the resource box, either to the affiliate offer (if that’s allowed) or your website and pages that offer that include that offer as a promotional link.

Answer Some Pertinent Questions

There are numerous online question and answer sites that are ripe areas to mine for leads. Don’t spam these services, and instead seek to contribute to the conversation and make the link relevant to the dialog. Since users will rate the communities answers, if you show up and just post a link back to an offer, it will be flagged as spam and you will have wasted your time. Instead seek to add value to the conversation while gaining a foothold to allow your link to be valuable to the readership. Take a look at Yahoo! Answers and Mega to start generating leads from these areas.

Pull Traffic From Social Networks

This is one of the newest and hottest ways to generate traffic back to your offers. Build a profile in any of the popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or LinkedIn. Add information to that profile that is relevant to the market niche where you have promising affiliate offers to promote. You won’t be allowed to solicit people within the social networking site, but you can update your status with links back to an intermediary page where your offers are posted. It takes a very suave touch to learn how to market these sites successfully as any hard sell will quickly get you a reputation as a hard core marketer, and you might end up losing friends and sales.

Other Ways To Plug Into Traffic Streams

Any site that allows you to contribute to their content and has large amounts of traffic is a good place to generate some Internet presence. This can be popular blogs, commenting on major news sites and stories, online groups and forums, and video sites. Just find a way to add your links in accordance with the terms of service and use these sites to generate traffic to boost the income from your affiliate offers.

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