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Mark Ling’s Affilorama is a product that has seen its way around the Internet a few times. Initially, this was priced at over 0 but since, Mark has generously made his Affilorama training available for free.

The quick history behind Affilorama is that it is not the Internets newest affiliate training program, but it is perhaps the most honest. Up until recently, this entire catalog was affiloramasubscription only, but the owner, Mark Ling has recently split the course up into a free version, alongside a subscription model for his advanced students looking for that little bit more.

After registering and receiving a confirmation e-mail, the only catch seems to be a tremendously corny name for a training program!  Affilorama features hours and hours of professionally recorded training videos which are backed with notes, software and literally everything that is needed to start building an affiliate income.

As experienced internet Marketing experts ourselves, we also know our way around the internet, and after taking a look at the details of this course with literally tons of videos, we were stunned to see that Mark and his team are not focused on the get rich quick mindset, but sound internet Marketing techniques that have been tested time and time again.  Using the techniques learned on Affilorama the only limitation is yourself. Mark makes sure any technical terms are covered and clearly defined, and he also ensures that the pace is slow enough to cater to beginners, but also challenging enough to remain motivating.

Some people may describe the coaching from Affilorama as groundbreaking and revolutionary, but honestly speaking, Mark is not about making waves, but focused on teaching well-known profitable internet marketing techniques, and this is a GOOD thing. Many internet Marketers do not know where to start, and this product teaches you the basics in small and easy to understand chunks, starting with the most commonly left out and most important essentials.

As mentioned above, the videos in Affilorama really are the best part of the whole program. Not only does Mark seem to be a very cool guy, but he is patient, easy to listen to and certainly knows his stuff. If you have the motivation and the eagerness to start yesterday, then take our advice and go slowly because a lot of the information on Affilorama is really, really important to learn for first timers and with so much there – it is impossible to learn it all in a day.

At the end of Affilorama, you are given the option to actually upgrade. The truth is, what you gain from the monthly subscription is Mark’s coaching and more videos. Take a look at the free Affilorama first, and then tell us it is not worth a subscription…

In conclusion, Mark and his team have done a wonderful job of finally developing an information product that actually is worth more than its value. There is no joke when people really say that the videos alone are worth 00. Why not go and try Affilorama out for yourself? If you are willing to finally get serious about affiliate Marketing then Mark will blow you away with his honesty, manner and truthfulness throughout the Affilorama training.

You can take a look at the Affilorama website here.

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  1. Joe - July 30, 2010

    Affilorama sounds like a great site to get affiliated with.

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