7 Crude Links — If Link Building Was Oil Drilling (Infographic)

Before the search engine, the Internet was an untamed territory of disorder and difficult navigation. Google civilized the Web, making information discoverable, by giving links tremendous value. Like “word of mouth,” links pass merit and should signify quality, utility, or popularity. As links denote significance, they themselves appreciate in value due to demand.

Links are like Crude Oil

Links are the crude oil of the Web — they are difficult to find and they have great worth. The more quality links you have, the better you’ll rank. As you know, not all links are equal. Oil barons must go to greater depths and use more resources to drill oil-rich wells. Similarly, quality link building can require a great deal of time, difficulty, or creativity to find. Here are 7 types of links that can make or break your SEO:

1. Automated Spam

Derived of duplicate, nonsense, no purpose, and time wasting content. Crawlers and Web users recognize its uselessness and quickly move on. Its value to the Internet is like a paper boat floating on the surface of the water. Sure it’s easy to setup but it will be the eel that stings you in the end.

2. Paid Links

Search engines recognize peddled links. If paid links were valued to PageRank, the Web would end up being bought by the highest bidder. Paid links are a really costly pebble to skip on the surface of the water. Go here to report a paid link to Google

3. Reciprocal Links

Search engines quickly picked up the notion and devalued the “You scratch my back, I will scratch your back” links. While there may be a time and place for these types of links, use them in moderation.

4. Directory Links

Once again search engines give little value to heavy burdened link sites. Some category specific and paid directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo can actually pass some crude juice.

5. Article Posts

Now we are getting to some depth. Quality content with contextual links have value to users therefore search engines are more apt to pass rank. Tap that pipe and you may actually have a bit of a geyser.

6. Widgets and Badges

A quality website widget or tool will inherently bring in more links. If your widget adds value through functionality or creativity, it can be a great source of natural link building. Breach true depths and you’ll have quality links flowing to you.

7. Quality, Unique Content

The true essence of the internet is unique, creative, useful, or beautiful content. If your content is truly unique you will naturally receive backlinks simply out of merit. Tap that well and you’ll have more than liquid gold.

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