5 Surefire Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Tired of the same dull text-driven sales pages? The internet marketing industry may generate results, but it’s in dire need of a makeover if it wishes to deliver them more effectively. The text-only sales page has enjoyed a long reign as the king of online marketing assets, but it’s time to turn it in and start over.

Why? Because technology has changed, and the market has changed with it. Pages that once worked exclusively with text now rarely do, and it’s not because the content is ineffective. It’s the presentation — particularly the same old text-only style and utterly dull page design.

Want to improve things? Use video. These five tips for effective video marketing will help you make the changes necessary to move your page from dull, uninspiring, and ineffective text, to effective, powerful, sales-driven video.

1) Have a focus before you start.

Videos without a clear focus only go so far. They might generate sales, they might push leads, and they might produce results, but they’re very unlikely to do it consistently. Just like the world’s best public speakers practice with a plan of action, your video needs to have a clear focus and goal before it’s even scripted.

2) Highlight value, not features.

When Steve Jobs pitched the iPhone to the world, he didn’t sell them on the slick design, the touch screen, and the fast processor. Instead, he pitched them on the way the device would completely change the way people used a phone.

And it did. After 37 million sales and an incredibly passionate user base, the iPhone has changed the way phones are used. Without a clear explanation of how it could create value, it’s unlikely that it would have been such an amazing success.

3) Aim for the right customers.

Certain styles of online video will appeal to customers directly, effectively, and very narrowly. While ideal for niche sales and guaranteed results, videos made with a clear focus on one particular audience tend to perform poorly for large audiences and mass-market products.

4) Unless you’re selling with video only, don’t mention price.

There are two reasons not to mention price in your video. The first is that it’s a demonstration of value — your intentions should be to demonstrate how the product is effective, and how it can help people, not how much it would cost to them.

The second is to lower your maintenance requirements. For marketers, change is expected and welcomed. With a hard-encoded video price, you’re stuck making a new video instead of merely editing text when a price change occurs.

5) Cut down on nonsense.

When preparing a script for your product demonstration, it’s tempting to let your directorial indulgences fall into the final product. Remove them. Your demonstration videos should be just that — a demonstration — and will lose effectiveness not with less content, but with more. Trim out the nonsense and you’ll see increased audience attention, boosted involvement, and greater sales.

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