4 Under Utilized Copywriting Techniques That Turn More Browsers Into Buyers!

You may not consider yourself a copywriter, but if you’re writing sales pages for products you sell on the internet (even through direct mail), then I’m sure you’re using different copywriting techniques to do the job.

So you’re likely familiar with creating compelling headlines, telling a story, the power of using PSs (post scripts) on your copy, and all the other basic stuff. Now here are some underutilized copywriting techniques you can use to write even more powerful copy.

Ready? Read on.

1. Closing the deal.

You’ve got the perfect headline. You’ve written a compelling story that your readers can relate to. Now what? Remember that the goal of your copy is to persuade your readers into buying your product. And so now you must close the deal.

Closing the deal is a copywriting technique that many copywriters fare poorly at. Fail to do that, and your prospects will leave the page without buying anything from you.

Here are a few quick tips on closing the deal:

A. You must be able to persuade the reader that the price he/she’s paying for is small compared to the value he/she receives in return,
B. Erase the risk of buying your product by providing a guarantee,
C. Place your prospect at the crossroads to help that prospect focus on the decision he/she’s going to make.

Again, you’re writing the sales letter to sell the product, not tell a nice story. So learn how to close the sale.

2. Writing bullets.

If you’re going to write a sales letter, begin by writing bullets – hundreds of them (yes, hundreds).

Bullets do more than just showing quickly your readers the benefits of your offer. They can also do other things such as stimulate your readers’ curiosity, keep your prospects reading (which is of course what you want to do in your copy), and more. Best of all, if you’ve written hundreds of bullets, you can use the most powerful and compelling one as your headline!

Need an example? How about this: “7 Ways the Recession can Wipe Out Your Savings… Plus, What Can You Do to Prevent It!” If you’re worried about losing your money because of recession, there’s no way you’d want to miss the information the bullet promises.

3. Show, don’t tell.

Your sales letter will be even more effective when it hits your prospects emotionally. When you successfully evoke their emotion about something they can relate to, then selling the product to them would be much easier.

And the subtler your approach, the better.

Don’t simply say, “don’t you just hate working for your boss?” Tell them a story they can relate to instead. Example: “Monday, 8am. I hadn’t even put my bag on my desk yet when my boss called me and said, ‘could you fix me a cup of coffee?’ The gall. And he hasn’t even paid me my last month’s salary yet!”

See what I mean?

4. Split Testing.

Alright, this isn’t in itself copywriting. But if you really want to get the best results out of your sales letter, you should test it. Split Testing is about directly comparing two sales letters, or a number of particular elements (e.g. headline, offer, payment options) and see which sales letter or element wins.

The great thing about testing is that you can find out what works in your copy without the guesswork. And more, you can now do it for free. Google has a free tool called Website Optimizer that lets you perform split (A/B) or multivariate tests. Go check it out today.

Are you using these underutilized copywriting techniques to turn browsers into buyers? How successful were you in using them? How about those new to these concepts? How did it change your palette of copywriting techniques that you use regularly?

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