3 Surefire Ways To Enhance, Improve, and Encourage Your Article Marketing Traffic

Who says article marketing is on the way out? With online content site Associated Content selling for a nine-figure sum and recession-fearing advertisers appealing to consumers through text now more than ever, there is truly no excuse to write off one of the web’s oldest and most effective marketing methods as “over the hill.”

So many internet marketers are swearing off article marketing in favor of flashier territory. Pay-per-click advertising steals their attention and SEO strategies consume their time. Furthermore, high-risk products suck them into a world of short-term profit that is difficult to escape from. It is a particularly ignorant strategy, and it is one that tends to fall flat rather quickly.

That is the reason why those with experience in article marketing still hold it in such high regard, especially for effective web traffic generation. While fads come and go and online products fade into the distance, the small group of long-term thinkers have pieced together successful and surprisingly lucrative article marketing empires.

These three tips can help you do the same – build an article marketing empire so vast, powerful, and expansive that it would be nearly impossible not to generate huge amounts of traffic through it.

1) Remember that you are competing for clicks, not for revenue.

The goal of most sales articles is not to push a product or stress the importance of a service. They are rarely written to offer new opportunities right away, and they are even less frequently one-piece sales tools. What most articles serve to achieve is a single goal – one click, one visitor, and one shot at a sale further down the line.

So, remember that you are not competing for instant revenue or straight-ahead sales. You are competing for the opportunity to offer your product or service. The guiding goal of your articles is not to directly push people into a sale, but to gain clicks from traffic sources that you otherwise would not have access to.

2) Treat your articles as the first piece of a multi-stage sales process.

Your articles do not only provide an opportunity to move towards a future sale but also an opportunity to prime a potential sales prospect into making a purchase. Use the opportunities wisely by offering reasons to invest in a certain type of product. Just keep in mind that, with article marketing, it is generally best to avoid naming specific products or endorsing anything this early into the process.

From there, allow your articles to serve as reminders and reasons for action. Your sales letters and supporting documents can do the rest such that all your article marketing resources need to do is get people interested in what you have to offer.

3) Guide people down the page, towards your link, and away from on-page advertisements.

Within most of the web’s article directories, there is a constant battle for attention. Readers are divided between on-page content and equally invasive advertisements, with advertisers aiming to maximize their click-through rates and article marketers equally ready to guide traffic with their writing.

Remember that your goal is not an instant sale, but instant interest. That extends beyond simply offering a reason to click through to your page. It requires that you create something interesting and detailed enough to keep people from clicking through to advertisers’ pages. Build compelling pre-sales content and you will gain attention not just for your sales page but also in a great enough quantity to keep people from leaving prematurely.

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