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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact it would have on our lives if all Internet based communications were removed from our daily routines?  The image below gives a numerical perspective to what seems an almost immeasurable exchange of emails, blog posts, tweets and everything in between.

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Who doesn’t love cool new electronics – CES

 tns_07Microsoft at International Consumer Electronics Show 2010

2010 CES Keynote Address

Watch the video of Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach delivering the opening keynote address for CES 2010.


Advance the video to approximately 1 : 15 : 00 to skip all of the intro slide-shows and shots of the audience. 

I think it is safe to say after watching this video with CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer and the other speakers that we are in for some seriously cool and connected electronic toys in 2010. tns_05

 Of course the first thing touched on by Ballmer is the economic stability, or lack there of, we have faced in 2009. He continues to explain that many of the technology sectors managed to hold the financial flood waters back for the most part.  When listening to Ballmer it is hard not to envision him doing play by play for some college bowl game. He does however have a certain demeanor and enthusiasm that seems to lend itself well to public speaking for the software giant. I will give the guy one thing, he is a lot more entertaining to watch or listen to then Mr. Bill.tns_03

 Being a lover of any new and innovative electronic gadgets,

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The Price of Technology

I am a firm believer that with most things, including technology, you always get what you pay for. This is not to say that making an inquisition into a particular company and its reputation, service or product and its reviews should be over-looked. One of the most common things I have found when researching the pros and cons of any item is that there are always going to be people that like or dislike based on their own experiences. My “path to the checkout” involves taking users comments into consideration but making the purchase on my individual needs, application and budget.

The Price of Technology

Many times people will ridicule an entire organization and the services it provides on one bad experience with a customer service representative for example. In a world where customer service can make or break the sale, organizations should always be very conscientious about the conduct and interaction front facing employees have with existing and potential customers alike.

I have the fortune of being in a position to play both sides of the fence, which gives me a perspective that many consumers may not appreciation. It is said that if you put fourth a positive attitude that one will … Read the rest

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