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How to Swaggerjack the Power of Visual Memes – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by lenawest

Visual assets like memes and truly informative infographics have always been (and will continue to be) effective ways of driving traffic and generating conversations. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Lena West walks us through some of the more effective examples, proving that it isn’t difficult to create visual assets that get people talking.

For reference, here’s a still of this week’s whiteboard:

Video Transcription

Hey there, everyone. Welcome to Whiteboard Friday. My name is Lena West from Influence Expansion, and I am here today to talk about how you can swaggerjack the power of visual memes to really boost your traffic and your SEO results.

So first, a couple of things I want to talk to you about is a couple tactics. So we’re going to kind of get into the nitty-gritty a little bit here, so tactics that I have used with our clients that I know work. So first let me also say that I am not an SEO expert, and I don’t play one on TV.

I’m a social person. But one of the things that

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Kyle Rush Reveals How the Obama Campaign Broke Every Online Fundraising Record: Free #MozCon Video

Posted by EricaMcGillivray

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Every year at MozCon, I have the joy of working with our fabulous MozCon speakers. One of the speakers, who we were most excited about for MozCon 2013, was Kyle Rush. Kyle’s name might not be on the tip of your tongue, but he worked on possibly the biggest and best online marketing campaign, Obama for America, as their deputy director of front-end web development. From there, he went to The New Yorker, and he just announced that he’s headed over to Optimizley.

When Kyle told us he wanted to present about the conversion rate optimization and a/b testing the Obama campaign did, there may have been some squeeing from Rand (like the Packers won) and me (like over new Sherlock episodes). Marketing nerds. Because regardless of your politics, Obama’s reelection campaign not only broke fundraising records, but changed the way we think about using big data and CRO.

Kyle rocked that MozCon 2013 stage. He presented a ton of actionable information for attendees, and he was one of our top scoring presentations. When we went to decide which full-length MozCon presentation to share with all of you, for free, Kyle’s was it. … Read the rest

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Was There a November 14th Google Update?

Posted by Dr-Pete

On the morning of Friday, November 15th, we woke up to a substantial one-day temperature spike on MozCast. Digging in, there were no signs of a glitch, and it seemed to hit across multiple IPs. The 30-day history looks like this:

Webmaster chatter seemed normal and Google has not confirmed an update, but soon other major flux-tracking tools showed one-day spikes. Here’s the data from SERPmetrics:

Both SERPmetrics and (that graph is a bit less clear, due to an unusually low-flux day earlier in the month) show the spike on November 15th, but one-day shifts are common due to measurement differences in the three tools.

Did big sites win big?

The first thing I dig into when we see a temperature spike is a set of secondary metrics that look at large-scale trends across the data set. That morning showed a solid jump in the “Big 10,” which simply represents the percentage of total search results in the set occupied by the top 10 domains (for that day):

The one day jump from 15.39% to 15.89% represents a 3.2% relative increase ГўВЂВ“ it may not seem like a huge amount, but it’s historically unusual. … Read the rest

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Online Content Collective November 25, 2013

Online Content Collective November 25, 2013 is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.


For the last week of November, our content collective will be featuring several videos from When it comes to marketing there are many theories concerning the best way to achieve results. However, the most effective strategies usually have positive outcomes to support them. tests various theories in the industry and shares their findings, which makes them a useful resource for fine-tuning your website or marketing plan. For this piece we are going to focus on the length of your copy, missing copy and category pages on your website.

Long Copy vs. Short Copy:

How discovering the optimal length of a webpage produced a 220 % increase in conversion

The length, organization and type of copy used on a webpage can all impact the conversion rates achieved on a specific page as well as the website as a whole. In the tests performed by, there was an attempt to determine the impact that copy length has on conversion rates.

The results of their … Read the rest

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Checkout Page Optimization: Just Follow the F.A.C.T.S.

Posted by Yoast

Editor’s note: This post was co-authored by Joost de Valk and his brother Thijs de Valk.

At Yoast, we’ve recently written about how we’ve drastically changed our checkout page. This process and our findings gave us the idea to do a best practice of sorts on checkout pages. As it is, a lot of checkout pages are far from optimal, and this short film from Google Analytics is rather harsh but lays it out quite well:

There are some elements to a checkout page that, in general, really help your conversion rate. Ignore these findings at your own peril. I’ll be looking at the following factors, all of which have a serious impact on your conversion rate: Focus, Assurance, Clarity, Time, and Social proof.


A page needs focus for people to understand what it is you want. On the checkout page this is doubly true; if your focus isn’t on the process of checking out, people will get confused. And confused people don’t convert.

An easy way to add focus to your checkout page is to implement calls to action. Calls to action are somewhat of a science, and … Read the rest

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