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Blogger Outreach – What Do They Think About SEOs?

Posted by DaveSottimano

Have you ever wondered why bloggers didn’t reply to your last outreach email? Why they refused to link to your shiny new infographic, or what they really think about SEOs?

I conducted a 26 question survey with a sample group of bloggers to help digital marketers construct better outreach pitches and give bloggers the opportunity to voice their opinions.

The feedback might shock some of you; I hope you’re ready.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the questions, and in the interest of protecting the respondents, the full data set, exact sample size, and respondents’ blog URLs will not be made public.

Survey information:

  • There are fewer than 100 bloggers in the sample, mostly from the parenting / food niche
  • No demographic requirements to participate, however the bloggers are largely from the UK and US
  • Survey format: Google docs forms, with a mixture of multiple choice questions and text boxes

Important: The sample is not representative of all bloggers, or bloggers within the UK, US, food or parenting niches.

Section 1: Website information (traffic, PR)

Most of the bloggers are currently making money from their blogs. The largest revenue source is paid content, which was defined … Read the rest

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Improving Search Rank by Optimizing Your Time to First Byte

Posted by Zoompf

Back in August, Zoompf published newly uncovered research findings examining the effect of web performance on Google’s search rankings. Working with Matt Peters from Moz, we tested the performance of over 100,000 websites returned in the search results for 2000 different search queries. In that study, we found a clear correlation between a faster time to first byte (TTFB) and a higher search engine rank. While it could not be outright proven that decreasing TTFB directly caused an increasing search rank, there was enough of a correlation to at least warrant some further discussion of the topic.

The TTFB metric captures how long it takes your browser to receive the first byte of a response from a web server when you request a particular website URL. In the graph captured below from our research results, you can see websites with a faster TTFB in general ranked more highly than websites with a slower one.
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Google Moves to Make All Search Data Secure

Google Moves to Make All Search Data Secure is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.


As many of you have heard, Google confirmed this week that it is securing all organic search keyword referrer data. The new update to Google Search has added the SSL protocol to all searches, essentially making all keyword referral data display as not-provided in Google Analytics.

What does this mean for marketers and businesses that depend on this data to enhance their online marketing campaigns? To understand that, we’ll have to go back a couple years and find out what prompted the change.

Rewind to 2011

In October 18th, 2011, Google announced that they were making logged–in searches (a user that ia logged-in to any Google property) secure by redirecting searchers to the SSL version of the search engine. In other words, all the searches performed in these circumstances would be encrypted, and the keywords that sent a user to a given website would not be visible to the website owner.

This initial move by Google was supposedly in response to the … Read the rest

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Setting Goals (Not Tools) as the Foundation of Your Marketing – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by MackenzieFogelson

With new tools introduced so regularly, it’s easy for marketers to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out which ones are most effective for their own work. That focus, though, shifts our attention from what really matters: setting the right goals for our companies. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Mackenzie Fogelson walks us through the five-stage process she uses to make sure her team’s attention is on what really matters.

For reference, here’s a still of this week’s whiteboard!

Video Transcription

Hey there, Moz community! I’m so excited to be here with you today. I wanted to share something with you that has been really powerful for the businesses we’ve been working with in the last year or so about building community. It’s a concept that we call “goals not tools,” and it works in this pyramid format where you start with your goals, you move on to KPIs, you develop a strategy, you execute that strategy, and then you analyze your data. And this is something that has been really powerful and helped businesses really grow. So

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Solving the Sub-Domain Equation: Predicting Traffic and Value when Merging Sub-Domains

Posted by russvirante

To sub-domain or not to sub-domain, that is the question. Should you keep your content on separate sub-domains or the same domain? If I do merge my sub-domains, will I gain or lose traffic? How much?

Since my first days in SEO back in 2004, the sub-folder vs. sub-domain debate has echoed through nearly every site architecture discussion in which I have participated. It seems trivial in many respects that we would focus so intently on what essentially boils down to the ordering of words in a URL, especially given that www. itself is a sub-domain. However, for a long time, there has been good reason to consider the question vary carefully. Today I am writing about the problem in general, and I propose a programmatic strategy for answering the sub-domain/sub-folder debate.

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume there is a company named Example Business that sells baseball cards, baseball jerseysRead the rest

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