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The International SEO Checklist

Posted by Aleyda Solis

In less than two weeks I will have the pleasure to speak at MozCon about international SEO, in a session called “International SEO and the Future of your ROI.” Before I do, I wanted to compile a checklist of the most fundamental aspects to consider when developing an international SEO process — something to which we can quickly refer that can facilitate our everyday work, and something that would also be easy to digest for our clients at some point.

As a result, I’ve created this International SEO Checklist, with a step-by-step guide to everything from assessing the international SEO potential to targeting our international audience and the development of an internationally targeted site:

I’ve also uploaded a higher resolution version of the checklist image, in case you want to download and print it.

I hope the checklist is useful, and if you’re looking to learn more about international SEO or ask me anything about it, I look forward to seeing you at MozCon! If for some reason you’re not going to MozCon and have a question, please let me know in the comments. :)

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The Evolution of Search

Posted by dannysullivan

Knowing where we’re going often means knowing where we’ve come from. The history of search engines is a short one, but one of constant change.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Danny Sullivan takes a look at how search has evolved into the complicated engine it’s become, and what that means for its neon-lit, rocket-car future.

For reference, here is a still image of this week’s whiteboard.

Video Transcription

Hey Moz fans. Welcome to Whiteboard Friday. I’m not Rand. I’m Danny Sullivan, the founding editor of and Because it’s 8,000 degrees here in Seattle, Rand has decided not to be around, and I am here sweating like a pig, because I walked over here. So I’m very excited to be doing a Whiteboard Friday. This is my first solo one, and I’m told I have to do it in 11 minutes, and in 1.5 takes. No, just one take. The topic today will be the evolution of search, trademark Google. No, they don’t own search.

There was a time when

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Using The New Adwords Keyword Planner For Local SEO Keyword Research

Posted by Casey_Meraz

Let’s face it. Local keywords research has never been that easy since the Venice update. While we have always been able to use the Google Keyword Tool to find out search volumes for keywords with Geo Modifiers such as “City Name + Keyword” we have been lacking some reasonable data regarding keywords that do not already have a Geo Modifier.

My frustration has always been this: So what if Google tells me there are 12,100 searches for “Personal Injury Lawyer”? My client is in a local city and I want to know how many people in his city are searching for his services. The good news is that there is now an adequate solution to this problem we have long been plagued by.

Let me introduce you to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This new tool combines the data from the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator which are nowbeing replaced by this nifty piece … Read the rest

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How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Webinars

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Webinars is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.

The Power Of Webinars

The message of this post and the meaning of the title is actual two-fold: how your small business can benefit from giving webinars and how it can benefit from participating in or listening to webinars. I hope to touch on both and ultimately persuade you to start utilizing webinars to increase and improve your small business.

If You Give, You Shall Receive

My Blog PostSeveral inspiring quotes, including ones from a little book called The Bible, will tell you that “If you give, you shall receive.” I think that also applies heavily with webinars. Anyone who has ever hosted a webinar will tell you that it has a huge potential to increase traffic and generate new business leads. What small business owner wouldn’t want that?

That same concept also applies when teaching in the webinar. Teachers say that they always learn more than the students because all the preparation and study they go through to plan the webinar forces them to discover new things. So, … Read the rest

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Transcribe ALL The Things! Benefits, Strategies, and More

Posted by steviephil

It’s an SEO’s duty to try to utilise and leverage as many opportunities as possible for clients and employers in order to drive relevant traffic to their websites. One technique that I sometimes feel is overlooked — or at least not given the attention it deserves — is transcription, i.e. turning audio or other media into text.

Transcribe ALL The Things!

I was inspired to write about transcription for SEO (and more) after talking to a client at one of my previous agency roles. A few staff members at the top of the company are well known in their industry, and we wanted to leverage their popularity and standing by encouraging them to guest blog. For one of them (who’s practically a celebrity in his industry sector!), we were told this:

Client: “Well, he doesn’t want to write content on a regular basis. You see, he has enough on his plate as it is with his popular, Read the rest

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