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Competitor Research In An Inbound Marketing World

Posted by dohertyjf

We all know that online marketing is changing. When I started in online marketing a few years ago, all the talk was still about links and directories and ways to get more exact match anchor text. Some SEOs were doing some pretty nefarious things and profiting from it, but most of that came crashing down starting in February 2011 (with the first Panda algorithm) and then over the past couple of years with Panda, Penguin, and the EMD update all rolling out and affecting websites the world over.

Rand talked last week about the changing SEO metrics, and today I want to talk about the changing landscape of competitor analysis as more and more people make the shift from just SEO to inbound marketing. Since inbound marketing includes a lot more than SEO, if we want to be effective inbound/online marketing consultants, we need to not only have proficiency or knowledge of the different roles of an inbound marketer, but when we get into actionable recommendations for our clients or our company we need to know how to analyze what our competitors are doing across the whole marketing space, both to identify deficiencies in their … Read the rest

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Why SEO Is Like An RTS Game (and why you should care)

Posted by Jayson DeMers

As a fan of video games, I often compare real-life scenarios to similar elements in games. These elements offer a parallel way to approach many of the same types of challenges that we face in everyday life in a fun, unique way. After all, real life challenges shouldn’t necessarily be unpleasant; if they can be stimulating and entertaining, productivity will improve, and improved productivity usually translates to higher revenue.

Growing up, the first genre of video games I fell in love with was the RTS (real-time strategy). While RTS games usually pit warring factions against each other with an assortment of units involving infantry, armored vehicles, and air and sea-borne vessels, to me, SEO is actually a lot like an RTS; it even has its own versions of those classes of units. Let’s take a deeper look at why SEO is like an RTS game and how you can leverage this idea to … Read the rest

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Image Optimization Tips For Online Stores

Image Optimization Tips For Online Stores is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.

Ecommerce Image Optimization Tips

Image optimization is an important part of running a successful eCommerce website. Since people usually begin their search for a product online, your products will have as good of a chance as any to end up in front of a customer, as long as your images are optimized.

Here are some tips for getting your images to display in Google’s image search:

1. Optimize image names

If you have hundreds (or thousands) of photos in your store, optimizing each one can be a daunting task.  There are distinct benefits to spending the time to do this, though. In the same way the right proportion of keywords in the content of a web page can help that page rank for the keyword in the search engines, the proper use of keywords in your images can help them rank as well.

Let’s take this particular photo as an example:

Gray 3 Button Mens Suit

The file names for your product images should be descriptive, and include the right amount of keywords. Consider the:

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Dusting The Website For Spring: Optimization and SEO Cleaning

Posted by scottwyden

Spring is here, so why not put some spring cleaning actions through on your website?

With that said, I'm going to get straight to the action items. Below is a list of many things you can look for on your site to adjust, add or remove.

On-site dusting

The following are things that you can do on your website to improve the presence on the web.

Authorship: Extremely important SEO action item. Google authorship's role in your website's rankings is more important than ever. In addition to being a SEO tactic, it also acts as a conversion tactic. You see, it is estimated that SERPs with authorship enabled receive around 120% more clicks.

+1 button: Going along with the Google Plus topic, make sure that you have a +1 button somewhere on your pages and/or posts. Why? Well, Google's Author Rank is using +1 data as part of ranking. So in … Read the rest

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Machine Learning and Link Spam: My Brush With Insanity

Posted by wrttnwrd


Know someone who thinks they’re smart? Tell them to build a machine learning tool. If they majored in, say, History in college, within 30 minutes they’ll be curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth while humming the opening bars of “Oklahoma.”

Sometimes, though, the alternative is rooting through 250,000 web pages by hand, checking them for compliance with Google’s TOS. Doing that will skip you right past the rocking-and-humming stage, and launch you right into writing-with-crayons-between-your-toes phase.

Those were my two choices six months ago. Several companies came to Portent asking for help with Penguin/manual penalties. They all, for one reason or another, had dirty link profiles.

Link analysis, the hard way. Back when I was a kid…

I did the first link profile review by hand, like this:

  1. Download a list of all external linking pages from SEOmoz, MajesticSEO, and Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Remove obviously bad links by analyzing URLs. Face
  3. Read the rest

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