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5 Steps to Facebook Advertising – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by LaurenV

Facebook advertising has taken the marketing world by storm. But with so many advertising options available within Facebook, how do you know where to start the campaigns that will best support your goals and objectives?

In today's Whiteboard Friday, Lauren Vacarello outlines the different ad types on Facebook and walks us through getting started with Facebook advertising. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

Video Transcription

"Hi, I'm Lauren Vacarello, the Senior Director of Online Marketing for, and today we're going to talk about 5 Steps to Facebook Advertising. In the next 5 or 10 minutes, we'll talk about how to get started with advertising on Facebook.

So before we really dive into it, let's talk about the different types of ads there are on Facebook. I'm sure everyone's familiar with something that mildly resembles this with your news feed on Facebook. There are actually three real main types of ads on Facebook. Everything else falls under those categories.

First, there's going to be your marketplace ads. So your marketplace ads

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The Making of – A New Hope

The Making of SEOcom A New Hope

The Making of – A New Hope is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.

Star Wars: A New HopeDo you ever feel like you need Jedi powers to get your website to rank? If Google is the empire, I’m going to peg Larry Page as Emperor Palpatine and Sergey Brin as Darth Vader, based on Page pulling ever so slightly ahead of Brin in Forbes March billionaire listing. They’re already trying to turn us into mini-Vaders with the impending Google Glass project. We’re the spunky Rebel Alliance, a hodge podge community of business owners, web developers and SEO specialists. We’re constantly testing, spying and prodding. Occasionally we’ll find an open exhaust port that lets us produce fantastic results. We love it when our metaphorical Han Solo’s tell us, “Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!”

Geekery aside, we’re all trying to get ahead in an increasingly digital world, to which search engines are the #1 portal. We embarked on a redesign late in 2012 for a number of reasons.


Though our last site reboot from April 2012 looked great and performed well, … Read the rest

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Another March Mozscape Index is Live!

Posted by carinoverturf

We're happy to announce the second Mozscape index for the month of March is now live! Data has been refreshed across all SEOmoz applications - Open Site Explorer, the MozbarPRO campaigns, and the Mozscape API.

I know you're all thinking – but wait, you just launched an index last week?! This was one of our fastest indexes to finish processing – taking only 11 days! But processing overlapped slightly for this index and our previous March index. However, the good news is that it just means lots of fresh data for you!

As you can see from the crawl histogram, a large volume of the data in this index was crawled in the beginning of March and the oldest data dating back to about the first week of February. 

Crawl histgram for March 28th Mozscape index

Here are the metrics for this latest index:

  • 81,359,307,805 (81 billion) URLs
  • 12,256,956,717 (12.2 billion) Subdomains
  • 149,419,721 (149 million) Root Domains
  • 774,927,201,776 (775 billion) Links
  • Followed vs. Nofollowed

    • 2.18% of all links found were nofollowed
    • 54.51% of nofollowed links are internal
    • 45.49% are external
  • Rel Canonical – 15.80% of all pages now employ a rel=canonical tag
  • The average page has 75 links
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How to Live Tweet Like a Pro

Posted by RuthBurr

Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably noticed that I live-tweet the conferences I go to. Extensively. Some people love it, some people hate it – but if you want to start live-tweeting for yourself, here are some things to keep in mind.

Why I Live Tweet

I started live tweeting events a couple of years ago, when I realized that I was spending as much time and effort tweeting out the most relevant points of the session I was in as I spent taking notes – plus, the notes I took were less relevant than my tweets, since I was only tweeting out the best parts!

Once I committed to live tweeting conferences, I got a lot of great, positive feedback about it from other attendees, so I kept on going. I’ve also gotten the bulk of my followers through live tweeting; it can be a great way to build your personal brand at conferences and get increased visibility with attendees and speakers alike. Live tweeting doesn’t just build your brand among attendees of the conference, either. People who are trying to follow along at home via the conference hash tag are often … Read the rest

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Barnacle Reviews on Google+ Local

Posted by David Mihm

Since Google+ Local was released last May, it’s safe to say that everyone in the local search community — business owners and agencies alike — has been waiting with bated breath for the launch of Google’s rumored “Business Builder” dashboard. For whatever reason, it still isn’t out yet, but while you’re waiting, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the most underrated feature of Google+: the ability to interact on Google+ as a business page. And in particular, to leave reviews of other businesses as your business page.

Why leave reviews as a page?

Business owners, if this concept doesn’t immediately make sense to you, think of it like this: you probably go to networking events with your local chamber of commerce, Rotary club, or your industry trade group all the time. When you go to these events, you’re likely wearing your “business owner” hat, rather than your "weekend warrior" or "soccer mom" hat.

That’s essentially what this feature allows you to do: network socially with your “business owner” hat on, rather than your personal hat. Just like you would refer business to other business owners you trust and admire in these … Read the rest

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TechNetSource on Facebook

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