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Draw Roger Winners!

Posted by Joel Day

Greetings to you, fans of SEOmoz. A merry All Hallow's Eve to you and yours.


Chester A. Arthur here to present the winners of this Draw Roger contest. When Joel asked me to step in and write this for him, I was, at first, beguiled! Why would I, the 21st present of these United States, be a fit author to such an auspicious announcement? 

I may only have been president a short time, but I believe my fine political track record and honorary doctorate in both Art and Robotics gives me the necessary credentials to deliver this fateful news.

But first, I've got an extra special announcement. SEOmoz has started their very own Pinterest account where we've set up a board just for these submissions. You can see all the entries here. (And don't forget to join us in the Pinterest-y fun.)

Now, without further ado, I deliver unto you:

The Winner of SEOmoz's First Annual Draw Roger Contest!

The winner of the adult group is Nicholas L. from Minneapolis, MN. Congratulations!

For second place…

Tamsin S. from London

And, in an unprecendented fashion, we have a tie for third place!

Chris L. from Read the rest

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The Best Way To Develop an Optimized Mobile Website

The Best Way To Develop an Optimized Mobile Website is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.

The mobile search market is fast rising. Google searches that come from mobile devices now make up 15% of total Google search volume. This rate of growth is expected to continue, and Google continues to maintain the lion share (95%) of all mobile queries.

Mobile Web Search Usage & Statistics


These two factors alone are incentive enough make an optimized mobile website a priority for your business.

A mobile website design can be delivered a number of different ways. The most common and accepted approaches are through responsive (or flexible) design, device specific HTML, or the use of a subfolder or subdomain—essentially a separate website altogether.

Let’s find out which is best…

1. Responsive Design for a Mobile Website

Responsive design is a succinct format for delivering mobile ready content in one website.

This is done through the creation of varying style sheets that are called based on the device and screen size used by the visitor browsing the website. Each style sheet uses the same HTML … Read the rest

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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Posted by MozCTO

When we’re working on fixing an immediate problem, especially one that’s affecting customers, it’s difficult to stop and take a breather. But sometimes, a breather is exactly what is needed to solve the issue. 

One Step Back

Last month was a bit rough for our Big Data team. We spent most of the month heads-down fixing issues with Rankings and Keyword Difficulty, and our technical debt was creeping up on us. I wanted to give into my natural urge to hunker down, chew on the issues, and come up with a plan that would fix as much as I could. However, I had a weekly 1 on 1 meeting scheduled that seemed to be getting in the way of my plan to lay low and problem solve.

Here at Moz, each employee attends weekly or bi-weekly 1 on 1 meeting with managers or teammates to help keep our goals on track. 1 on 1 meetings are a chance for teammates to act as soundboards for project ideas and idea generators for solutions to issues. These meetings are an important part of our culture, but on this particular day my focus was elsewhere and I didn’t feel … Read the rest

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The Hope of a Link: Mashable Content Analysis

Posted by Kate Morris

The holy grail: A link from Mashable. 

Don't kid yourself. We all want one. They are a content powerhouse with a mind-blowing community. Moz has that type of community, but Mashable touches on everything from kittens to major trends in the economy and technology. If it's interesting to the Internet community, they'll publish a about it. Their domain authority and homepage authority is a whopping 96. Of course we all want a link. 

The first thing any reputable SEO would tell you is that you need two things before you can even begin hoping for a link from Mashable:

  1. Great content – it has to be beyond good by this point, it must be great
  2. A relationship with Mashable

I'm not going to claim that those two things are absolutely necessary, but I would agrue that you need to know more about Mashable before you go pitching your content to them. Well, I've done some of that for you, and today I'll teach you how to do it for other sites as well. This is Advanced Content Analysis … starting … now.

The Brain Child

The idea to do Advanced Content Analysis on Mashable came from … Read the rest

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Who Writes the Most Popular Content on Your Blog?

Posted by robmillard

Google Analytics’ Custom Variables may seem daunting for a web marketer with relatively little technical knowledge, but they’re actually quite easy to implement and use (especially if you’re using WordPress). This post will show you how to easily track blog post authors using Custom Variables, and also explores some of the reporting possibilities.

Why track authors?

There are many reasons to track blog post authors that apply to your content strategy, including:

Highlighting editorial success

Rewarding those who have performed well and highlighting their success is an effective means of creating enthusiasm within an organization towards SEO and content promotion. Tracking authors can make this type of report much easier to produce.

Evaluating freelancers

Is the freelance writer you’re paying worthwhile? If you’re outsourcing work to a number of freelancers, are some better at optimizing their copy for search than others? What do user engagement metrics say about the quality of their work?

Identifying successful guest authors

If a guest post author is driving a particularly large amount of traffic to your site, it may be because they have a strong social media presence to promote to or that they link from their own authoritative domain. … Read the rest

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