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Ten Painless Tactics To Earn Attention On Twitter – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by evolvingSEO

Twitter is similar to passing signs at full speed on the highway. How do you get your signs (tweets) noticed and read? How can your profile stand out from the rest? For many, Twitter can be a fun and exciting, yet illusive and challenging social media platform. This Whiteboard Friday (to be followed by a Whiteboard Plus and Moz YouTube post) includes ten Twitter tactics for you to put to good use.

Watch as Dan Shure explains how to earn Twtitter attention with ten totally-actionable, Twitter-riffic tips you can use to get people to notice you in the most fast-paced social media platform in the world. These can all apply to individuals or brands. Also, don't miss the next two videos (coming soon!) in this series focusing on how to grow your audience and driving action. Each of the following two videos will include ten more Twitter tips for a total of thirty Twitter tactics. Wow!

Look for parts 2 and 3 coming soon!
Part 2 will be Read the rest

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Following The Trend: Mozscape Gets Faster and Cleaner

Posted by AndrewDumont

There's a trend emerging with Mozscape, and it's a good one. Updates are getting more regular and indexes are increasing in size (with exception to a few bumps in the road). Today, we're happy to announce a few more awesome features to add to that list!

A few weeks back, Rand announced the Mozscape API beta, and the Moz community came by the dozens to try it out. Thanks to that passionate group of beta testers, we nailed down some bugs and battle-tested the new API.

Now, it's ready for primetime.

Starting today, Mozscape just got a whole lot faster. It now supports 200 requests per second for everyone on paid levels — that's a 20x increase from the current paid levels! This rate limit increase will allow users to pull Mozscape data as they please, with a lot less wait time in between requests. Even better, you don't need to change a thing on your end to utilize latest update as a paid Mozscape user – just keep calling. No new keys, no new code.

Free Mozscape users, we didn't forget about you! We've got a small rate limit increase coming your way in … Read the rest

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Lead from Within: 10 Strategies to Become a Successful In-House SEO

Posted by Jonathon Colman

Let's start by level-setting expectations right away: this post has very little to do with actual SEO implementation. You won’t find any performance tips, analytics hacks, or war stories with technological terrors and the people who engineer them in this post. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are several other sources you can peruse.

Instead, we’re going to focus on how you can become a leader within your organization by building a positive reputation for in-house SEO. In doing so, we'll cover how you can elevate your personal profile by using productive strategies and value-oriented tactics as well as focus on ways to untie your hands so that you can get more great work out the door to your customers. According to this post (scroll way down and see slide #20 in the presentation), about 15% of SEOmoz community members are in-house SEOs along with 28% of PRO users – that’s the niche audience I’m writing for, as well as for folks who are considering a career as an in-house SEO.

So let’s get down to the Good Stuff: the art of being a successful in-house SEO and making a difference for your organization and … Read the rest

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Using Social Media To Build Links & Impact Your SEO

A common question that we at receive from clients and potential clients is, “How can social media help my SEO efforts, or does it even help at all?” In this post, I want to talk about just that… using social media to impact your SEO efforts and how the two can work together to grow your business.

Social Sharing & Rankings

There’s a lot of false information floating around out there about how social signals are the new link, and that in order to compete in the SERPs, you have to have them or you are out of luck. Here’s one of the more recent ones, it’s actually been edited (as you can see in the body of the content) after being called out in the comments by a few of the top SEOs in the world.

In most cases, the idea of social shares outweighing links is wrong. Links are still the powerhouse when it comes to securing rankings in the search engines, but, as stated by Matt Cutts last month at SMX Advanced, social signals will eventually come around and be a much stronger ranking signal than they are now.

Before we jump … Read the rest

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Growing Your Audience with Random Affinities

Posted by wrttnwrd

Most of us don’t get to choose what we write about. Your new client makes pollen-resistant underwear? Congratulations. You’re now an author specializing in allergen-repelling undergarments.

This setup sounds pretty funny until you have to write 15 blog posts per month for PollenProof™’s new marketing campaign. The idea well runs dry pretty quick. How do you keep your interest peaked and idea generator fresh? Random affinities to the rescue!

Random affinities

This term is 100% made up by me with a lot of help from some colleagues. I’m not so worried about protecting it – just beware that if you decide to use it and get laughed out of the room, your only reference is a sweaty, pale marketing guy who spends his spare time training his cats to play fetch.

Two topics have ‘random affinity’ if they are connected only by a common audience. For example: the fact that I like cycling may mean I’m four times more likely to watch "Adventure Time." There’s no subject connection between cycling and "Adventure Time" – Jake and Finn never ride a bicycle. The only connection is the fact that an unusual number of people are interested in … Read the rest

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