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New Contest – Get Your Video on the New SEOmoz YouTube Channel!

Posted by RuthBurr

Howdy Mozzers!

We're excited to announce the new SEOmoz YouTube channel!  Check it out at We'll be adding a bunch of our video content from the last couple of years, including Whiteboard Friday and our just-for-fun videos like Aaron's First Day. Going forward, you'll be able to view SEOmoz videos on the YouTube channel a few days after they debut here on the site. We'll also be doing special YouTube-only content, presentations, and contests – like this one!

The SEOmoz YouTube Contest: "1 Tool/Tactic, 2 Minutes"

A few words from Rand on the contest:


Here's the rundown:

Create a 2-minute video on your favorite inbound marketing tool or tactic. You've got 2 minutes to tell the SEOmoz community why this one thing is awesome and how to use it to get real marketing results. Your video can be as simple as you talking into your webcam ZeFrank-style, or as complicated and special-effects-y as you care to make it, but it can't be longer than 2 minutes! … Read the rest

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Internal Linking Strategies for 2012 and Beyond

Posted by dohertyjf

Last Friday, I did a Whiteboard Friday called "Smarter Internal Linking." If you have not yet watched it (I do show some graphs and stuff, so you'll probably need to watch and not just listen), I'd recommend doing so first before reading the rest of this post.

The goal of this post is to clear up a few misconceptions that I saw in the comments, and to show you exactly what I mean about sitewides that could be problematic both now and in the near future for over-optimization algorithms and filters.

Footer Links Are Not (Inherently) Bad

One question I saw a few times was about if we should use sitewide footers at all. My answer to this is "absolutely!" Footer links can be awesome for the user experience. Especially in the growing world of mobile surfing of the Internet, there is an increasing need for good navigation at the bottom of websites that allows users to navigate to a place on the site that makes sense, without necessitating scrolling back to the top of the page.

Footer links like SEOmoz's are fine, as they point people to the most important and useful pages … Read the rest

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MozCon Day 3 Recap – SEO Project Management by Alyeda Solis

An SEO Should Know How To Handle SEO Projects.

It was the last day of MozCon 2012, and what a ride it’s been. Thursday we heard from another round of great presenters and Friday’s lineup was just as awesome. Here’s a recap on Alyeda Solis (@aleyda) presentation on different scenarios (episodes) to help us effectively handle SEO project management.

Episode I – The SEO Client Who Always Complains

Have you ever had a client that isn’t happy with anything that’s happening in the SEO campaign, regardless of the results?  Have you ever been subject to a constant barrage of complaints about link building, results, content, strategy, rankings and ROI?  So what can we do to improve the communication and turn dissatisfied clients into satisfied ones? In her presentation, Alyeda tells us to first assess the SEO process and focus on giving realistic expectations at the beginning of any SEO campaign.

During your first initial meetings with the client, it’s important we meet all the stakeholders, decision makers, marketing team, product team, analytics team, social media team and anyone else that’s going to be involved in the SEO campaign. We need to determine their goals and objectives and how they believe … Read the rest

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Google’s Unnatural Links Warnings May Not Be Cause for Concern

Posted by RuthBurr

At SEOmoz we do virtually nothing in the way of active link solicitation. We're living what I would call an SEO's dream: we've already put a great deal of effort into building a community of passionate, engaged, thoughtful people who care about the industry (that's you guys!), and we devote a ton of time and resources to creating awesome content and sharing it with you guys. The result? We've got the best kind of links: the kind that build themselves.

Imagine the sinking feeling I got in the pit of my stomach, then, when a Google Webmaster Tools check on Thursday revealed that we'd incurred an unnatural link warning:

Challenge Accepted

When I saw this, I was pretty sure I knew what had happened. A few months ago, just as I was coming to work at SEOmoz, there was a discussion in the Traffic Planet forums about negative SEO and whether pointing a bunch of spammy links at another site (like, say, a competitor's or rival's site) could actually harm them, SEO-wise.  The guys who started the thread claimed they had successfully performed negative SEO on Dan Thies' website, he disagreed that their tactics had … Read the rest

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The 6 Month Link Building Plan for an Established Website

Posted by jamesagate

You've probably seen the extremely comprehensive noob guide to online marketing by Oli Gardner, or the companion noob guide to link building from Mike King, you've also likely seen one of the many posts or presentations on SEO for startups (here, here and here) – suffice to say there is plenty of reading material for building new web properties but what about link building for an established website?

There are an abundance of link opportunities (and challenges) that are pretty unique to an established website.

I decided to compile a public Trello board which is based on some of our internal boards for clients to help you to visualise the process I am about to run through.

Please bear in mind that this is not a six-month SEO plan so we won't be covering site audits or keyword research for example (although you should read this post if you are planning Read the rest

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