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Uncrawled 301s – A Quick Fix for When Relaunches Go Too Well

Posted by Everett Sizemore

A lot of things can go wrong when you change most of the URLs on a website with thousands or millions of pages. But this is the story of how something went a little too "right", and how it was fixed by doing something a little bit "wrong".

The Relaunch Timeline

On February, 28 2012 relaunched with a new design and updated site architecture.The site's management and developers were well-versed in on-site SEO issues and handled the relaunch in what many SEOs might consider "textbook" fashion. This included simultaneous 301 redirects from all previous URLs to their specific counterparts using the new URL structure. All internal links were updated immediately, as were the sitemap files, rel canonical tags and all other markup.

They had expected some lag-time and a temporary loss in rankings, but traffic had started a dramatic decline immediately after the relaunch, and a week later it was still falling.

On March, 7 contacted seOverflow to make sure they had done the redirects properly. Everything seemed to check out. A scan of the site revealed only a few 404 errors from internal links, those being relegated to a few outlying blog … Read the rest

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The New On-Page Optimization – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by JoannaLord

In this week's Whiteboard Friday, we are covering some advanced techniques that you can use to optimize your landing pages. The typical web user has evolved and it's important for web marketers to evolve with them. By taking a look at how the web has changed we can make more informed decisions on how to optimize our pages and maximize their impact.

Please enjoy and don't forget to leave your comments below. Happy Friday Everyone!

Video Transcription

Hey everyone. I am Joanna Lord. I am the Director of Acquisition over here at SEOmoz. Welcome to another Whiteboard Friday. I am going to be stepping in for Rand today. So no, I am not Rand in case you are wondering. I want to be talking about something pretty exciting that I love talking about. So hopefully this goes well.

It is on-page optimization. We are going to be talking about a lot of the stuff that we do here for landing pages, and I am going to take a little spin on it. I know there are a lot of articles out there that help you with the basics of landing page optimization, but I think that

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Building Awesome Relationships For Links, Likes, and Love

Posted by Fryed7

Link building isn't really link building. It's relationship building. Links are just the proof of the relationship, as are the tweets, likes, sales… relationship building is link building. Your social graph is your linkerati.

Tom Critchlow encapsulates this with one of these Distilled Pro Tips:

Here's a few tactics and strategies to build and leverage relationships that lead to links, likes, sales and more. Outreach is for tomorrow. Relationships are for life. Let's go!

First, Work Out Why You Do What You Do

The single most important concept in SEO, marketing, business and life can be summed up with Simon Sinek's talk here. His theory of 'The Golden Circle' is central to everything you and I do, and yet is remarkably simple to understand.

Watch the following TED talk, if not now then today at lunch…. (I promise, it's worth it!)

Read more at Start With Why.

Everyone knows what they do. Some … Read the rest

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3 Ways to Buy Links and Help People

Paid links are fairly taboo to discuss in the world of search engine optimization marketing. More often than not, they are dismissed immediately as black hat and evil, and this is definitely not always the case. What I propose is that you can buy plenty of great links if you try to help people! We are going to tread through the awesome world of how to buy links and help people with varying budgets and how to find those linking opportunities.

1. Contests

Budget: -,000

How to Get Links: The point of the contest is to buy something, tell people about it, and give it away. People get excited about free stuff so you can give away a coffee machine or the latest iPad; someone wants it, and they will link for it. The most common method to run an online contest is through your company’s blog or social media. Create a page on your company’s site and find the most commonly used social media marketing platform within your industry. Design the contest to get the most valuable asset your community has: their content. Have entrants create a blog post on their own site, post comments, share … Read the rest

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Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]

Posted by Peter Attia

opening letterOutreach letters are a primary element in any quality link building campaign: If you're not getting responses, you're not getting links. It takes a lot of trial and error to find what works, which can be difficult for new link builders. To make things easier for everyone, I wanted to give several outreach letters I use for contacting different sites.

Although I have done a lot of testing with different letters, I’m by no means suggesting mine are the best of the best. These are what work for me and I do use the conversion rate of my emails as a factor.

Guest Posts

For guest posting, you want to have a more personal approach in your email. However, you don’t want to be overly personal and invade their bubble. I like to do some light digging and find something I can personally connect with them on (if you can't find something in … Read the rest

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