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The Business of SEO: Perception vs. Reality

Posted by Matthew C. Egan

As SEOs we often live in a bubble, sometimes it’s a social media bubble where we only tweet amongst our peers, sometimes it’s a literal bubble that we don’t explore outside our comfort zone, but that bubble can easily keep us from seeing things that to consultants in other fields is painfully obvious. At the end of the day, an SEO consultant isn’t any more special than a CPA or a Financial Planner, we’re all consultants and ultimately our job is to give our clients what they want.

The question then is, what do our clients want?

Our clients want value, our clients want progress, and they’re willing to invest in consultants to get what they want, but it falls to us to prove not just the value that we know exists in SEO and other Inbound Marketing tactics, but to also deliver the perception of value. Not only to our primary … Read the rest

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Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Rankings [Infographic]

Google has warned that black hat tactics are “unethical, overly aggressive marketing efforts where a company tries to manipulate search engine results in an unfair way.” Despite Google’s warnings, many Internet companies persist in providing black hat SEO services. The truth is, using black hat tactics on your site can be as scary as facing these slasher movie murderers.

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Doorway pages are set up in such a way that a visitor generally cannot reach them through the site navigation. Instead, they are designed to rank well in the search results and lead people into the site through a spammy page, often stuffed with keywords and nonsense content. A good SEO company will steer clear of this SEO killer.

Hiding links by matching the font to the color of the background of the site is a great way to see your rankings murdered. A sound internal linking strategy is a better way to strengthen your on-page SEO.

Site content is important, but some methods of generating content are anything but safe. Scraping content from the SERPs is a sure way to get your site penalized. Create original, informative content for your site for better results.

Presenting different content … Read the rest

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2011 #MozCon Videos are Here!

Posted by randfish

This year’s MozCon was, undoubtedly, the best event we’ve ever put on. The 500 attendees had some incredibly kind things to say about the event, perhaps the most remarkable of which is captured below in some of the charts I’ve extracted from a survey we ran to attendees.

As many who attend professional events in the SEO/online marketing world know, finding expert-level content is a huge challenge. We work tremendously hard to make sure MozCon provides a uniquely high level of material from every speaker and you can see that reflected below:

Was MozCon Advanced Enough For You?

Given the high level of folks who come to MozCon, the feedback above was incredibly flattering. Of course, we’ll be working even harder next year to make sure that little blue slice shrivels away entirely :-)

The next chart from SurveyMonkey shows whether those who attended would be likely to recommend the show to others:

How Likely Would You Be to Recommend MozCon

And again, I’m pretty excited by the results. 62% of those who responded said they’d give it a 10/10 when talking to others. Not too shabby!

Thus, I’m very excited to announce the 2011 MozCon Video Bundle. This year, rather than old-school, 1990′s technology, we’re trying something new and … Read the rest

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How Big is Your Long Tail? – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Aaron Wheeler

 Choosing keywords to optimize for is a tricky business, made all the more tricky as keyphrases grow longer than a couple of words. As Google has said, up to 20% of search queries in any given day are completely unique. Should you try to optimize your tauntaun sleeping bags product page for "tauntaun sleeping bag," for "childrens’ tauntaun sleeping bag," or for "childrens’ star wars tauntaun sleeping bag from hoth"? How can you research whether or not to optimize for such a long tail query?

In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand is back to explain just how long of a tail you should be optimizing for. Have any suggestions on how you do this research? Give us your thoughts in the comments!


Video Transcription

Howdy, SEOmoz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re asking the question: How big is your long tail? No innuendo intended. This is a totally serious question for the search world, wink wink, nod nod, say no more.

Many of you are familiar with the fact that the world of search is really

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Proving the Value of SEO [Slide Deck]

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar this morning! As promised: here is my slide deck.

If you have any questions from the webinar or regarding the slide deck, shoot away on Twitter or in the comments below!

Short Summary

In this webinar, I talk about SEO KPIs that SEO professionals and business owners alike should care about first and foremost. I also talk about how to properly segment website traffic into useful groups in order to prove success in a meaningful and deliberate way.

I also provide some nuggets advanced segment towards the end – including Regexp code and settings for several key advanced segments in Google Analytics, such as:

  • Branded terms segment
  • Non-branded terms segment
  • Target/project keywords segment
  • Long-tail keywords segment » BlogRead the rest

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