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eCommerce Syndicated Content: How to Win

Posted by Kate Morris

There is a ton of talk right now about Panda recovery. SEOmoz is no exception to this: questions in Q&A, webmasters cleaning up their content, and so much more. Webmasters are taking control of their sites, building some awesome original content, and ensuring that content can be found by letting users (and bots) know about it.

So it surprised me when a large client asked for help to combat an internal project that would place duplicate content on their site. They are in the ecommerce space and have the issue of selling products that many other companies sell. Duplicated content runs rampant here in the form of product descriptions. The manufacturer creates a description for resellers and that is what everyone uses. It’s sanctioned from the source and no writers are needed. Sounds awesome until the product is carried by hundreds of websites and everyone has the same content. Who should rank then?

Like most big companies (as is my client), this decision was made by someone else and the SEO team screamed in defiance. So they asked me for proof that having unique content was as necessary as everyone keeps saying.

Done. And … Read the rest

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The Greatest Attribution Ever Graphed

Posted by Slingshot SEO

Step-by-Step Instructions for Non-Branded Custom Segmentation
in GA’s new Multi Channel Funnels Section

Multi Channel attribution is amazing, to say the least. In the immortal words of Avinash Kaushik, “You will have an orgasm!” If you weren’t there for Mozcon, I’m sorry. Don’t let it happen again, but you can always get the video of his presentation when it comes out.

Much like the way I felt on Christmas day 1996, I couldn’t wait to play with a brand new system whose inner workings I knew almost nothing about: the Nintendo 64. Rand will corroborate my story. Today, it’s the new Multi Channel Funnels segmentations in Google Analytics, Version 5 (trumpets please, Avinash).

Below, you’ll find some Michelangelo-esque screenshots of how we (the Slingshot R&D guys) broke down some custom segmentation and compared them to show differences between:

  • Non-branded, organic, first interaction
  • All non-branded organic interactions
  • All conversions

To create a custom Conversion … Read the rest

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An SEO’s Guide to RegEx

Posted by robmillard

RegEx is not necessarily as complicated as it first seems. What looks like an assorted mess of random characters can be over facing, but in reality it only takes a little reading to be able to use some basic Regular Expressions in your day to day work.
For example, you could be using the filter box at the bottom of your Google Analytics keyword report to find keywords containing your brand, such as Distilled. If you want to include both capitalised and non-capitalised versions, you could use the Regular Expression [Dd]istilled. Pretty simple, right?
Hang on though… some of you might be asking, what the hell is RegEx? That’s a good point. RegEx (short for Regular Expressions) is a means of matching strings (essentially pieces of text). You create an expression which is a combination of characters and metacharacters and a string will be matched against it.
So in the example of the keyword report above, your Regular Expression is applied to each keyword and if it matches it’s included in the report. If it doesn’t match, it’s discarded.
RegEx has many uses aside from Google Analytics too such as

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List Pages To Appear With Snippets In Search Results

In another improvement to snippets, Google is rolling out list snippets over the next few days. Typically snippets contain a couple lines of text under the search results to give users an idea how relevant a page is in regards to their query. List snippets will differ by reflecting “the structure of the page, rather than just showing two lines of text.”

For example, if a result’s page consists mostly of a structured list, Google will show “a list of three relevant rows or items underneath the result in a bulleted format.” Google also plans to include an approximate count of the total items listed on the page.

Google list snippets

In the past week, Google has launched rich snippets for music and +snippets for those using Google+ and the +1 button. Keep an eye out as Google plans to make more improvements to snippets in the future. » BlogRead the rest

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What’s the Toughest SEO Gig You’ve Ever Had? I’ll Start.

Posted by randfish

I recently spent a few days in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey, and got to meet with great friends at consulting firms. One conversation in particular stuck with me regarding the hardest project they’d worked on in the last few years. It got me thinking that I should share a few of my most challenging SEO projects, and see if the community had stories they could share, too. I learned a lot in my short chat on the subject, and I’m hopeful that will translate here on the web, too.

Thus, my top 3 "toughest" SEO projects over the last decade were:

  1. The "I Just Want PageRank 10"
    It’s hard to believe in 2011, but in 2005, Moz really did have a client who’s entire goal was increasing toolbar PageRank. He was a very wealthy individual who fretted over his PageRank score in comparison to a rival’s organization in the same sphere. We were able to grow it from 6 to 8 with mostly white hat stuff (yes, even I used to dabble with link buying back in the day), but when he continued pressing for a PageRank 9, we gave up and sent him
  2. Read the rest

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