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Tour the New PRO Q&A Forum

Posted by Miranda.Rensch

Hello you Mozzy bunch! My name is Miranda. I’m a Program Manager here at SEOmoz. I work on defining new features and improvements to the SEOmoz PRO Web App, SEO Tools, and our website. You may have seen me commenting and participating in pie-eating contests here and there, but I’m excited to say that this is my very first SEO Blog post!

Since I started at SEOmoz five months ago, I’ve been working on a Questions and Answers forum for our PRO members. Today I am very excited to announce the launch of PRO Q&A!

try the pro questions and answers system

seo questions forum

Previously, PRO members have used our Expert Q&A feature to ask SEO questions to our staff and associates. As our community has grown into an incredible network of SEO and online marketing experts, we decided it was time to create a more interactive forum that would allow PRO members to become resources for one another and contribute to a growing database of quality information.

PROs can still ask the same number of private, staff-only questions per month in this new system, but now we’ve added the opportunity to utilize the knowledge of other PRO members. (If you have open questions in the … Read the rest

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WANTED: Software Engineers REWARD: $12,000

Posted by randfish

In 2010, SEOmoz’s software business grew from 4,000 – 7,000 subscribers and .1mm – .7mm in revenue (more transparency on details coming soon). Our customers have been loving our products (our web app now supports nearly 30K campaigns) and our data (over 250 companies use our API), but we’re nowhere near satisfied.

SEOmoz Software Revenue 2007-2011

(*note: consulting revenue, which ended in 2009, is not included; 2011 revenue is estimated)

It’s our belief that growth is limited only by how much we can surprise, delight and reward our customers with software that rocks. We want to build more, faster and that’s why today, we’re announcing a new effort in bringing talented software engineers to the SEOmoz team.

Have Engineer Friends? Send ‘Em Our Way

Why should you send your engineer friends to SEOmoz? Three big reasons:

  1. They’ll be joining an amazing team at a great company earning top salaries at a place that values their contributions (see below)
  2. You’ll get ,000 in cash* (OK, probably a check, but still!)
  3. They’ll also get ,000 in cash**

We’re seeking 4-5 very talented engineers (possibly more) with experience handling large-scale problems like machine learning, web crawling, building and optimizing web services (APIs), … Read the rest

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Link Farm Update Conspiracy?

Yesterday, Google launched the “farmer update,” an update to clean up spammy content farms from the SERPs.

Content farms such as eHow, eZine, Mahalo are effected drastically in their rankings.

Now let’s connect some dots!

  • is a content farm.
  • is not effected by farmer update (Not confirmed, just what I am seeing).
  • is owned by The New York Times

What do you think? Conspiracy? Thoughts?

Tip of the hat to TJ В» BlogRead the rest

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I Disagree with Fred; Marketing is for Companies that Have Great Products

Posted by randfish

One of the people I admire and respect most in the technology, startup world is Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson. A little more than a year ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Fred in his New York offices, just as SEOmoz was ending a failed fund raising attempt. The writer I’d come to know and love through his blog and tweets shone through – he’s affable, humble, smart and considerate. And his firm employed (at that time anyway) an analyst with professional SEO experience, who also sat in on the meeting.

Today, Fred wrote a post on his blog titled "Marketing."

Marketing Post from AVC

I strongly disagree with the statement "marketing is what you do when your product or service sucks," and I mostly disagree that it only pays to use marketing when profit margins are insanely high. As I read it, part of me wondered , "Isn’t the goal of venture capital to help a company scale faster than it could without funding?"

To be fair to Fred, what he calls "marketing" is what I believe many of us in the startup/tech space would call "advertising" or "paid customer acquisition channels." Later … Read the rest

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Outreach for Linkbuilding – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Aaron Wheeler

 Linkbuilding: can’t do it alone, can’t not do it! While some people may prefer to avoid interaction with people they don’t see every day, others flourish when communicating with strangers. The field of SEO is flush with both of these personality types, though to an outsider it could seem like SEO is an inherently non-social career. It’s not! In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Tom Critchlow, head of search marketing at Distilled, shows us just how important interpersonal interaction is in SEO land. More importantly, he shows us some tips on how to reach out to webmasters and online marketers and more easily get the links we so badly want. All it takes is efficient contact-gathering, enthusiastic communication, adamant (but not overbearing) follow-up, and, well… maybe a little bit of hustle.


Check out Tom’s slick resources:

  • Followerwonk is an awesome tool for running queries across Twitter profiles to find influential people in a given niche. You can filter by location or by keyword in users’ bios, which is a great way to find contacts.
  • Alltop is a great place to artificially get the breaking news in
  • Read the rest

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